Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) Service

The assessment

ConversationAMHPs undertake MHA assessments alongside authorised doctors. A MHA assessment may take place at the home address, in a hospital (if the person is already an inpatient), in an A&E department or other place of safety.  

An important part of the AMHP role is to make sure all alternatives to detaining someone in hospital have been considered. To help them decide whether an application to detain someone should be made, the AMHP will consult with professionals involved in the person's care as well as speaking to family members and carers to seek their views.   

The AMHP will attempt to speak to the person's nearest relative. There are some instances where a person's nearest relative can object to the AMHP making an application to detain the person in hospital, so their views are extremely important.

During the assessment the AMHP will make sure that the person being assessed is fully informed about what is happening. The AMHP will make sure the person is able to participate as fully as they can in the assessment and that their views and wishes are listened to. Family members or carers can also be present if the person being assessed wants them to be.

The AMHP and doctors will ask the person some questions to help them understand what the person is going through and how best to help them. The AMHP and doctors will also be trying to establish whether the person is suffering from a mental disorder and whether any risks mean that hospital admission is necessary.

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