The Early Years Professional Development Centre

The Early Years Professional Development Centre

The Early Years Professional Development Centre

The Early Years Professional Development Centre is here for all early years practitioners to support them in their professional practice.

Our indoor environment areas are packed with inspiring and innovating ideas on how to use your own resources and environment to support children’s learning and development. These spaces are designed to support practitioners to reflect on the development of children from birth to 6 years old. The grounds of the centre are ideal for showcasing learning opportunities in the outdoors and are an integral part of our outdoor training sessions.

Each term we enhance the environment to focus on a specific area of children’s development so there is always something new to for you to see. Wander at your leisure, find inspiration and essential information and take photos to record the ideas you might use in your own setting.

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You can also:

  • borrow books
  • purchase publications
  • attend training
  • hire a meeting room

Plan your visit

Plan your visit

We are pleased to announce that you can once again book a visit to the Early Years Centre. 

Our team has been busy updating the environment displays for you to see and take inspiration from.

Things are a little different now but we know you will still enjoy the experience:

  • You will need to book your visit so we can make sure the Centre is open and staff are available if you request a tour. Please do not arrive unannounced.
  • You are welcome on your own or with your colleagues. The centre is an ideal setting for groups of childminders or staff teams to meet.
  • We politely ask that you follow our COVID guidelines when visiting the centre: depending on the number of the people at the centre when you arrive, you may be asked to wear a mask/use hand gel/maintain social distance.

Opening times

We are excited to see you back at the centre. These are some of the opening times currently available and we will allocate them on a first come first served basis, depending on how many people can be in the centre at that time.  Please note you can only book ONE slot from the following dates, using the booking form at the foot of this section.  Bookings will not be accepted by phone or email. 


How to book

Choose your date/time from the table below.

Scroll to the bottom of this section and click on the booking form to submit your request.

We aim to respond within around 72 hours so don't leave it to the last minute to book!

Weekdays during term time on the following dates/times:




9am - 12 noon

1pm - 4pm


















Evenings between 5.30pm – 7.30pm (leaving by 8pm)

Please come back soon to see further evening dates!







Book online



Free for childminder, setting and school members.

All other visitors £11 per person.


Training room hire

** this is unavailable at the moment **


Contact us

Early Years Professional Development Centre,
Seven Stars Primary School
Peacock Hall Road
PR25 1TD

Tel: 01772 539058

0 to 3 years environment

Our exciting 0 to 3 environment displays include:

  • a space for non-mobile babies, consisting of imaginative, exploratory, physical and comfortable provision
  • examples of continuous provision for toddlers and two year olds

Emphasis is on open-ended resources to meet each child's unique stage of development, sensory and heuristic play and the prime areas of learning development.

Early years 0-3 year olds
Birth to three matters!

The first three years of life are one of the most extraordinary and critical periods of child development. 

At no other time do we see such rapid changes in progression, with children developing from dependent new-borns, to curious, active learners who have a zest for learning, a quest for independence and a can-do attitude to life.

3 to 6 year olds environment

We create an enabling environment for three to six year olds that is child-centred.

The provision is organised to encourage independence and resourced to provide interest and challenge for children across the age phases.

The seven areas of learning and national curriculum subjects are promoted through provision areas that are inviting and stimulating, where children can learn through play.

Early years 3-6 year olds
Environments matter!

Children are unique and holistic learners, thriving within environments that support their individual and diverse motivations, interests and needs.

It is important to give children the space and time to fully discover, test and revisit their ideas and theories.

Outdoor environment

In our outdoor learning environment you'll see a variety of ways in which you can harness your outdoor spaces to provide engaging learning experiences.

The environment includes opportunities for:

  • physical play
  • relaxing quiet play
  • exploration using the senses
  • engaging with nature and the living world
  • experiencing and investigating the elements
  • imaginative and creative play.

We have some defined provision areas such as a mud kitchen, quiet spaces and natural small world areas.

You'll also see a range of storage ideas and collections of open-ended resource ideas that can be easily sourced and used to provide for each child's learning needs.

Early years - outdoors
The benefits of outdoor spaces

The outdoors is an exciting, ever changing environment with huge learning potential.

All children can benefit from having extended periods of time outdoors, it is a place where children can experience awe and wonder and spending time in the natural world supports their all-round development, wellbeing and happiness.