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Cost: £7.50

This a is a pack of letters/ leaflets that come in a booklet format. You can photocopy and distribute each information letter, when it is relevant, to your parents or display them in your parents area. You will also receive an electronic copy so that you can personalise and adapt the content, perhaps adding your logos. The leaflets covers commonly raised concerns or questions you may hear from your parents, such as behaviour management, toilet training, developing your child's speech, a healthy packed lunch etc. The leaflets are suitable for all sectors in Early Years.

Cost: £20

Schemas provide a window into children's learning. This pack consists of a wealth of information about those patterns of behaviour. There are 12 cards looking in detail at each schema, how you can respond  as well as ways to extend children's thinking at home.

They are a must for anyone working with children from babies and beyond.

This is a suite of training videos to support the induction of early years practitioners into your setting. These can be purchased at £5 each when they are released every month, or you can sign up to receive the next 12 videos for £50. Once you have purchased the videos you can use them in your own setting as many times as you like, your access will be unlimited.

These bite-sized webinars are short, to enable them to be watched at your convenience, and will support the professional development of your team. They typically range in duration from 10 to 15 minutes and are focused on a specific aspect of practice to support you in ensuring that key messages are understood by new employees. Our bite size sessions have been designed to enable all practitioners in all early years sectors to balance training with their everyday work commitments. Topics released so far are: 

  • EYFS Walk through
  • Looking after babies
  • New to Safeguarding
  • How to use 'Development Matters' and 'Birth to 5 Matters'
  • What is a Key Person?
  • What opportunities does a 0-3 enabling indoor environment need to include?
  • What opportunities does a 3-5 enabling indoor environment need to include?
  • What opportunities does an enabling outdoor environment need to include?

Please use the button below to order individual videos or purchase a 12 month package:

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Cost: £5

Exciting practical ideas to motivate boys in any settings. These are organised in areas of learning.

Cost: £10

This is a set of five staff meeting cards to support settings in challenging learning and sustaining high expectations for teaching and learning in their setting.  Please state whether you want these  items digitally or in hard copy when you submit your order, using the notes section at the end of the booking form. 

Cost (Full pack - Folder, booklet and 10 copies of each form): £35

The Childminder documentation pack has everything you need to get started in one place. In the pack you will find templates for –

  • Contracts
  • Existing Injuries
  • Accidents
  • Medication records (long and short term)
  • Record of concerns
  • Attendance records
  • Child registration forms
  • Useful contacts
  • Emergency contacts

Alongside these templates you will have in total 10 copies to get you started. There will be supporting guidance with each document to ensure you understand what they are for and how to use them. Further copies can be purchased separately. This pack is fantastic for those childminders starting out in their new business venture taking away the hassle of having to create your own.

Further copies of individual sections are available as follows: 

Record of Childrens Attendance x 52 (full year) £10

Childminding Contract x 20 £10

All packs for the following individual sections are £5 plus P&P - these are hard copies

*Existing injuries x 10 copies

*Accident-Incident record x 20 copies

*Administration of Medication (short term) x 10

*Administration of Medication (long term) x 10

*Record of Concerns x 20

*Child Registration Form x 20

 *Useful and Emergency Contacts x 10

Contact information not for sale as an individual section


Cost: £10

This booklet considers how to harness the outdoor environment and the natural spaces within our locality to deliver our early years curriculum. If you like to learn more about nature based learning and find a range of ideas of how to implement it in practice then this booklet is for you.

Cost: £10

This book provides a brief overview of early brain development with a focus on child development and how children learn. This information is then used to show resources and areas of provision that would support children to learn across all areas of learning and development through high quality enabling environments. As well as providing lots of photographs to provide ideas, this book also suggests lists of appropriate core resources for each age phase.

Cost: £10

This book provides a wealth of guidance to early years practitioners wishing to develop outdoor provision in their settings.  It provides a brief outline of the benefits of outdoor learning before taking readers through a photographic journey of the 7 main key learning opportunities for the outdoors.  All practicalities are considered within this book from flooring surfaces, to planting and fencing ideas.

Cost: £7.50

Equality means recognising and responding fairly to the individual needs and identities of all others. This booklet reflects on the changes that the Equalities Act 2010 has made to how we treat others and looks at what Equality means in, and out, of our settings.

Cost: £7.50

**Updated Summer 2022**

This tool will help you explore the different grade descriptors for the four Ofsted inspection judgement areas, guiding you to work through each of them to evaluate and improve your practice. Within this document there are two parts, part one will look at what it takes to achieve ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ and the second part will support you in making plans to further develop your setting in the future. Within part two, there are action plans which you can photocopy.

Cost: £7.50

A tour around the environment at Seven Stars with a specific focus on expressive arts and design. Practical suggestions are included with background information based on current research


Cost: £20 - Order includes an electronic copy (When ordering, please include an email address for the electronic copy).

This EYFS principles into practice audit tool has been designed to support senior leaders to gain a shared understanding of what quality looks like in their school's EYFS and to support accurate self-evaluation in line with the Ofsted grade descriptors. 

It provides a complete overview based on the four guiding principles that should shape practice in early years settings from the 'Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage'.

By using the 'Reflection and discussion' prompts you will be guided towards a shared vision, values and pedagogy.  There is an opportunity to make 'notes and development points' for improvement planning.

Cost: £7.50

This set of cards are handy A5 size that can be laminated for practitioners to take outside or wherever they have space to complete group games. The games are particularly good for school readiness, helping them to follow instructions, listen carefully, being part of a team etc. When children go to school, they will have a bank of games they can play with their friends outside in the school playground. Practitioners may also find them useful in providing a structured adult-led activity outdoors.

Cost: £7.50

A fun filled booklet packed with practical ideas and resources to support phase one phonics with three and four year olds in your setting.

Cost: £3

Helicopter Stories, our inclusive, whole-class approach to learning, can also be used with younger children. In this booklet, we look at how this child-centred learning approach can be used to develop cognitive and creative potential in two-year olds. Children learn about the world predominantly through play and storytelling, and giving them a safe space in which to express their ideas in these early stages gives them the confidence to go out and learn more. At the same time, they will develop positive relationships, explore the power of words and improve their listening and comprehension skills.

Cost: £10

A set of six double sided, full colour, A4 laminates presented in a plastic wallet and digitally.  The cards support and expand on aspects of Physical development for children aged 0-2 years and can easily be made into home learning bags with the addition of readily available books and easily sourced resources. The cards are as follows:

  • I can reach and grasp
  • I can sit up
  • I can move myself and objects
  • I can move independently
  • I can feed myself and clean my teeth
  • I can move and balance

Each card includes a rhyme to encourage action and movement and includes links to further information, suggested stories, resources and activities linked to each theme. The item is available digitally and as a hard copy.

Cost: £7.50

This resources provides a wealth of practical ideas and strategies to create a mathematically rich learning environment, indoors and outdoors, for the 0-5 age phase.  The tool supports practitioners to reflect upon the mathematical learning opportunities within both permanent and enhanced provision and throughout the events of the day and regular routines.

Cost: £20

A series of laminated cards, that are wipe clean, that will inspire the little scientists in your setting. The experiments will hopefully provide a 'wow' factor and encourage lots of scientific chatter for you to develop and extend children's knowledge and skills in the area of learning 'Understanding the World'.

Cost: £20

This book has been developed to support and guide you through the process of observing, assessing and planning for the children in your care.
This useful resource is as helpful to a practitioner new to the EYFS, as it is to someone who may wish to update and refresh their OAP skills. It will provide you with guidance and examples of communication tools between you, parents and others, including a two year written report.
Packed full of ideas for letters, observations, planning and assessment tools. These are not required to be in paper format all the time, but recording some of the information this way will help you retain the knowledge you have of the children observed.

Cost: £20

This toolkit has been designed to support and enhance your early year’s childcare provision by helping you and your team organise, evaluate and evidence your good practice and capture plans for further development. The seven audit booklets cover all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage and include sign posting to further information to help you.

This toolkit is not prescriptive and can be used flexibly and be personalised to your setting at the moment -  It really is up to you to use it in ways that work for you - here are a few suggestions;

  • You could use the booklets as dividers within a ‘toolkit’ file to give you a setting overview or central record
  • You could delegate the booklets to specific members of staff to lead on – for example the Designated Lead Practitioner could lead on the child protection audit
  • It could be an annual audit for your setting – capturing where you are at a specific moment in time and providing you with your focus for improvement plan over the next 12 months
  • You might work through it over a longer period, choosing a section at a time and really drill down on a specific area, threading from team meetings right through to discussions at individual supervisions

Templates are included to help you capture where you are now and plan for future improvements. 

Cost: £20

A collection of A3 cards that exemplar children's achievements within the areas/ aspects of learning. The samples allow staff to ponder and consider where they feel the child could be placed developmentally. They can be used as a moderation tool helping all early years colleagues from all sectors  to consider the accuracy of their 'Learning Journey' files. The aim is to ensure that you have a consistent approach throughout your team and the judgements are accurate throughout.

Cost: Electronic copy - FREE, Hard copy: £4 including P&P

This booklet is aimed at practitioners working in Early Years Foundation Stage settings that have children who are new arrivals to the UK, refugees, economic migrants and asylum-seeking children. It provides and practical ideas to support the development of good practice and successful, happy learners.

Cost: £7.50
This booklet is a detailed resource that practitioners from all Early Years sectors will find helpful to refer to. It ensures that their practice is well informed about people, cultures and communities. The booklet explores how to provide a diverse and inclusive curriculum without being tokenistic.

Cost: £20 for both documents

**Now in stock**

An electronic copy of the Journal is included in the cost.

This short information video will tell you more about this item:

Cost: £7.50

Children’s personal development is crucial for them to lead healthy and happy lives, and is fundamental to their cognitive development. This booklet covers topics such as Self-Regulation, Attachment, Healthy development and How to help children make friends as well as a list of recommended resources to support delivery of the subject.

Cost: £5

This booklet takes you on a walk through the early years professional development centre at a time when the learning environments were all enhanced to promote PSED with our brilliant boys.

Cost: £20

The Physical Development Parents Packs consist of 10 beautifully designed learning and development laminated leaflets which can easily made into home learning bags with the addition of readily available books and easily sourced resources.

Cost: £16

Stories and fantasy play engage all young children and help them to draw connections and make sense of the world. MakeBelieve Arts Helicopter Stories are tried, tested and proven to have a significant impact on children’s literacy and communication skills, their confidence and social and emotional development. Based on the storytelling and story acting curriculum of Vivian Gussin Paley, this book provides a practical, step-by-step guide to using this approach with young children.

Cost: £7.50

Booklet - DfE Non-statutory guidance for the early years foundation stage

Cost: £10

This booklet has a wealth of information relevant to all Early Years sectors. It is full of practical ways that you can audit and change your environments and practices. It explores assessment, provides you with mindfulness cards for you to laminate, planning ideas for the 'Five ways of wellbeing', Twenty ways to build children's resilience, cards that you can laminate for peer to peer massage and many other resource references.

Cost: £10

'Promoting Children's Wellbeing – The Toolkit' is an extensive, good value for money resource for all Early Years Educators to use. The booklet is arranged into six chapters, all essential elements of children's wellbeing;-

  1. Mental Health
  2. Sleep
  3. Exercise
  4. Healthy Relationships
  5. Nutrition
  6. Wellbeing.

Practitioners can dip into each chapter that is relevant to their practice and their cohort of children. The booklet offers practical ideas, background information to support Early Years colleagues professional development and useful websites (and much more).

Cost: £5

A communication friendly environment should make communication as easy, effective and enjoyable as possible.  This publication provides an insight into how to resource the indoor and outdoor environments in order to promote communication, speech and language in the early years.  There is also useful information on how to make best use of daily routines to promote communication and language.

Cost: £10

The importance of Physical development in the early years as well as ways in which Moving and Handling and Health and Self-care can be supported through the early years environment are explored in this booklet. **UPDATED MAY 2022**

Cost: £5

Wellbeing is important. The way you feel, both physically and mentally, is the essence of living. Our perception and our ability to observe our thoughts and feelings .This publication focuses on the importance of wellbeing for staff.  It is packed full of ideas to promote wellbeing on a personal level and as a team in an early years setting.

Cost: £10


A set of seven double sided, full colour, A4 laminated cards presented in a plastic wallet or they can be supplied digitally.  Six of the cards support and expand on the reading of specific books: A Great Big Cuddle; Croc & Bird; Daddy Do My Hair; Open Very Carefully; The Wide Mouthed Frog and Why do we need bees? Each beautiful card contains supporting information for (e.g.) Communication and Language, PSED, Outdoors etc., including links to further information and resources and activities relating to each topic.  The seventh card is a handy summary of the links for each of the six books for quick reference.  Please state whether you want this item digitally or in hard copy when you submit your order, using the notes section at the end of the booking form. 

Cost: £10

This document is an invaluable tool for all settings. It will support leaders and managers to self-evaluate their provision and practice using the good and outstanding grade descriptors from  'The Early Years Inspection Handbook for Ofsted Registered Provision'. It will assist leaders and managers in knowing how they can improve provision or maintain its high standards and includes the views of others and the progress made  by the children to determine what needs to improve. The rating system will help to evaluate your current position and then prioritise and plan next steps for improvement. Optional summary formats for monitoring and evaluation are also included in the document for different age groups and cohorts of children.

Cost: £20

The aim of this book is to support practitioners to be clear about the legal requirements regarding teaching, learning and assessment from within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Cost: £10 per pack 

These cards can be used at staff meetings as a tool for manager to regularly dip into in order to support the embedding of policies and procedures into daily practice.  Questions posed could be used to prompt discussion, explore topics further and embed knowledge.

Once you have discussed a topic with your team you will be able to judge whether:

  • all staff fully understand
  • particular staff require further support
  • further input is required for all team members

Depending on the outcome you would consider next steps and add any tasks to your development plan.


Cost: £7.50

This booklet is intended to be used as a resource for managers to support the development and improved effectiveness of their leadership skills. It can also be used to inform individual reflection and used to inform your leadership of supervision processes for your setting.

Cost: £7.50

This booklet explains how to teach and support English as an additional  language learners, it is relevant for all Early Years sectors. Effective practice ideas and resources are abundant, as well as, assessment systems, how to assess a EAL learner, intervention strategies and parental involvement ideas.

Cost: £10

This text features stories written and illustrated by 3 - 7 year olds during Helicopter Stories sessions in schools across London.

The illustrations were selected from over 1000 competition entries and the book was produced to accompany The Woman Who Cooked Everything tour in 2008.

Welcomed as a stand alone resource by practitioners, but also a great accompaniment to 'Princesses, dragons and helicopter stories'.

Cost: £7.50

Prioritise time to talk mathematically in your setting and reflect upon the consistency of language used across the team. This resource recognises that talk is at the heart of mathematical learning, offering a list of recommended vocabulary for each mathematical concept, alongside practical ideas to introduce language in a purposeful and meaningful way.  Prompts to support the development of a mathematically rich learning environment and reflection upon the role of the adult through quality interactions are also included.

The Walk and Talk Cards consist of a pack of 14 A5 cards in colour. The cards are prompts to give out or use with parents and or staff when out on a walk. It will support discussion and help you to initiate and build conversation with young children. They can also be used for your display board. The cards cover prompts for:

1.       At the bus stop

2.       At the castle

3.       At the library

4.       At the park


5.       At the shops

6.       At the train station

7.       By the canal

8.       By the river

9.       In the garden or backyard


10.   In the woods

11.   On the beach

12.   On the street

13.   Outside my house

14.   On the way to ...


We recommend laminating them if you are sending them as part of a pack that parents can borrow.

The cards are available to purchase in English, Gujarati, Urdu, Ukrainian, Polish and Bengali. You can also purchase a set of 14 bingo cards which are a pictorial version of the prompt cards. This will enable less confident staff and parents to use these to find key areas/items on their walk and talk about with their children.


A full set of all six languages PLUS a set of bingo cards: £25

Any individual language packs: £4 each

Set of bingo cards: £4

Cost: £5.50

This booklet has all you need to stay up to date with the principles of Early Help. It  also includes a useful guide to support practitioners in identifying indicators of possible need with examples of what to look out for at each level on the Levels of Need.

Cost: £5

A parent booklet to share information and explain the benefits of the outdoors. This booklet can be adapted according to the needs of the setting and additional photos can be added to personalise it.