Help with school clothing costs

Only in very exceptional circumstances will we consider offering assistance with school clothing.

Assistance with school uniform is often available from schools themselves, but also from various local charities. If you do not meet any of the criteria listed below, we would suggest that you contact your child's school in the first instance.

We will generally consider applications for assistance, only where the applicant is eligible for  free school meals

and qualifies on one of the following grounds:~

  • Where a pupil is the victim of severe family dislocation, especially where there is a need for the pupil to be moved and have to change school.
  • Where a pupil’s household has been affected by fire or flood and their school clothing is damaged or lost.
  • Where a pupil is the subject of an education, health and care plan and where the terms require a change of school during the academic year.
  • Where a pupil’s medical condition warrants additional support.
  • Other exceptional circumstances.

Supporting evidence from an appropriate professional must accompany your request, this can be a letter, report or benefit award, for example.

A low income in itself would not generally be considered as an exceptional circumstance.

Please contact your local area education office

if you feel you may qualify for assistance.

Applications should be made in writing, stating why you feel an award should be made, what pieces of essential uniform you need and the cost of these items.

Should your application be refused by the Area Co-ordinator you can ask for your case to be reviewed by the Service, Marketing and Compliance Manager.


If your request is refused by the Senior Officer, then you may submit a written appeal to the Student Support Appeal Committee: