Exclusions from school

8. Second permanent exclusions

Your child can be excluded again; decisions about exclusion are made by individual headteachers.

This is relatively rare and most pupils do succeed in another school or academy or other provision after a permanent exclusion.

If, however, a pupil is permanently excluded for a second time then the county council will continue to provide education and will consider your preferences for the future.

Often pupils stay on the roll of the short stay school so that they can return there if the placement at the new school or academy breaks down. The pupil can continue their education there without further exclusion.

You will not be automatically entitled to access a place at a preferred school or academy for a period of two years after the second permanent exclusion.

If the county council decided to place the pupil during the two year period then the school or academy governing body could decline admission and/or opt to appeal against the proposed placement.

If you need information or advice about exclusion procedures you can contact the area education office.

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