Sugarwise reduced sugar accreditation

Lancashire Catering Service has been awarded the Sugarwise reduced sugar accreditation for our F+ menu options on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday meaning on these days your child will consume no more than 5.7g of free sugars within their lunch time meal. There is also the option for Sugarwise days on Mondays and Fridays, depending on the options chosen, meaning that your child can enjoy a Sugarwise school meal each day.

The Sugarwise catering mark on school menus means that the menus provide options that are low in “free sugars”. These are sugars and sugar based sweeteners that need to be limited in the diet because they are contributors to childhood obesity and tooth decay.

These rigorous standards have been calculated to ensure that on Sugarwise denoted days children will receive no more than 5% of their calories from free sugars. This is in line with public health advice and reinforces our commitment to positively influence the food choices of Lancashire children and young people.

Sugarwise Gold Accreditation

More information can be found on the webpage.