Primary school

Serving fantastic lunches everyday! All menus are planned to comply with School Food Standards and all new dishes are tested by children. Our meat is Red Tractor Farm Assured, our fish is MSC certified and our eggs are free-range Lion brand. LCS use a number of organic products throughout our menus. There is always fresh fruit and salad, bread and locally produced yoghurt available daily.

To make the most of seasonal produce we change our menus a minimum of twice a year.

Over 85% of our customers choose our Fresher+ menu, please contact your school for further details about the menu on offer at your child's school.

Whilst every effort is made to produce the published menus, please note that they may vary occasionally subject to availability and individual school requirements. All our menus are checked using a recognised programme to analyse nutrition. We also work with Lancashire Healthy Schools and support the Change 4 Life campaign. The result is a menu your child will enjoy and that will prepare them for learning in the afternoon.

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