Tourism signs

Tourism signposting in Lancashire is dealt with by Lancashire County Council. Although it may seem a simple matter to have a sign put up near your business, please remember there are road safety, quality and 'sign pollution' issues to assess before applications can be approved.

There is an application process, and your application will be judged in accordance with the guidance in place to control introduction to the highway and a range of eligibility criteria as well as against road safety and traffic management factors.

Too many signposts spoil the look and feel of an area, and can make it confusing and distracting for the driver. It is important that the impact of new and additional signposting is taken into consideration when each application is assessed.

Tourism signs should supplement, rather than duplicate, information already provided on existing direction signs, brown signs and tourism literature.

Check eligibility


We require an initial assessment fee of £125 and upon receipt of your application form we will contact you requesting this payment.

There is also cost involved for the manufacture and erection of signs.