Business travel plans

A travel plan is a package of measures and policies developed to promote, encourage and enable the use of sustainable transport and to reduce reliance on the car, especially single occupancy car use.  A travel plan can be implemented in a workplace, in education/training venues or residential areas.

A travel plan may be required as part of an agreement negotiated between a developer and the planning authority to offset the effects of a new development.

Lancashire County Council offers a travel plan advisory and support service to encourage and assist businesses and developers in putting a travel plan in place.

The focus of the travel plan can be on

  • Active travel (walking and cycling), public transport use and/or car sharing
  • The commute or business travel elements within an organisation.
  • Trips originating from a location or to a destination. 

Why having a travel plan makes sense

A travel plan can bring a number of benefits

  • Operational cost savings (providing and maintaining parking spaces, business mileage, fleet management, fuel costs)
  • Improve staff health, wellbeing and morale
  • It can reduce the impact on the environment, congestion, pollution and noise
  • Enhance recruitment and retention opportunities by easing access and providing cost savings to staff
  • Reputation management (report positive social responsibility and contribution to local economy reducing congestion)
  • Resolve friction with local communities and neighbours
  • Help to achieve environmental management certification

Would you like help to set up a travel plan?

A dedicated travel plan adviser will be in touch providing advice and support to help you identify suitable measures for your travel plan and put its components together.


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