Recruit a young person or offer work experience

Could your business support a young person from a care background? We are encouraging all Lancashire's businesses to offer opportunities to trial a workplace in a supportive environment.

We offer a chance to employ a young person on a trial basis at no cost so you can make sure there is a good match.

Ideally, after a successful unpaid trial period, your business would offer an apprenticeship or employment (depending on the age and ability of the young person).

If after the trial you can offer employment, the young person would be the employee of the company.

You will need to provide:

  • correct insurances such as Public Liability Insurance
  • suitable health and safety equipment and necessary risk assessments
  • a mentor or buddy throughout the placement and apprenticeship


We will support you to source suitable training, induction or risk assessments, if required.

We also offer access to funding if a young person moves into paid employment. This may be for DBS, transport costs or employer incentives (subject to availability and case by case assessment).

We help both the young person and the employer through the transition into work. This may include:

  • travel training (to enhance independence and ensure they have the ability to arrive at work on time)
  • on-site support in the work place for a limited time


For further details contact the Employment and Support Team at