Register a stillbirth

Every stillbirth in England or Wales must be registered in the registration district in which it takes place within 12 months of the date of the stillbirth.

You can register a stillbirth that took place anywhere in Lancashire at any of our registration offices. You will need to book an appointment by contacting the office of your choice.

If you prefer, you can go to any other registration office in England and Wales to give the details of the stillborn baby, but the birth will not be registered there. The details will be forwarded electronically to the correct office. This is called registering a stillbirth by declaration.

Who can register a stillbirth

The mother or the father

If the baby's parents are married to each other or were married to each other at the time of the stillbirth or conception

If the parents aren’t married, and both parents want the father’s name in the register, both parents can sign the register together; the father can register the stillbirth but the mother will need to make a signed declaration

The father may be qualified to act as informant in one of the capacities listed below and if he wishes to register without the child’s mother his details will not be shown in the entry.

Where the child was conceived as a result of fertility treatment

The father if at the time of the treatment he was married to the child’s mother

The second female parent if at the time of the treatment she was in a civil partnership with the child’s mother

The occupier of the house or institution in which the stillbirth took place

A person present at the stillbirth

The person in charge of the stillborn child

The person who found the stillborn child

What you need to take

You will need the medical certificate of stillbirth issued by the doctor or midwife. This certificate will normally be sent direct to the registrar by your medical practitioner. If you have been given the medical certificate of still birth please bring it to your appointment. 

What certificates will be issued

The information is recorded in the stillbirth register and the person registering the stillbirth signs the record. A certificate of registration (form 208) will be offered to the informant and will include the name and surname of the stillborn child.

Registration can sometimes, in extenuating circumstances, be carried out at the hospital.

Where to get further advice

If you have suffered a stillborn bereavement, whether you are a parent or other family member, the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society (SANDS) can offer a range of support services so you can choose what is right for you.