POWAR - Special educational needs and disabilities

POWAR is a participation group for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

It is run by Lancashire County Council's Targeted Youth Support - Participation Service.

We influence decision making and make a difference to young people’s lives.

We hold regular meetings which are informal and fun. These meetings are open to young people from secondary school age up to 25.

What we do:

  • People visit us to ask what we think about various issues and topics
  • Carry out surveys and questionnaires for organisations
  • Interview new staff and have our say on who works with children

Here is a description of our regular monthly meetings.

Media group

We help to:

  • write the newsletters for POWAR
  • update internet pages and the Facebook page
  • create and review our workshops, training and interview questions

Young Inspectors

Young inspectors visit different services for children and young people to inspect them and then come up with ways that they can improve. At our meetings we:

  • find out about future inspections
  • write up reports
  • suggest improvements for services that have been inspected

POWAR combined

Visitors from different services and organisations often join us to speak to us and ask for our views about different topics. We also compile consultations or questionnaires.

More information

Contact Suli to find out more and sign up: