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Over 180,000 young people have voted in the annual Make Your Mark consultation.

Make Your Mark usually selects the UK/Devolved topics Members of Youth Parliament debate in the House of Commons Chamber, where they also vote on the future campaigns. Due to the global pandemic, we are unable to hold this event. We share people’s frustration at this. We are working with UK Parliament to establish how the 2020-2022 MYPs will be able to meet in the Chamber, subject to the usual vote of MPs. As a result we will take the Make Your Mark results to directly inform the forthcoming campaigns.

The current Member of Youth Parliament term has been extended to 2 years (now ending Feb 2022). This allows the campaigns to be a focus throughout 2021 and into 2022. We also reviewed the number of campaigns we will support. As a result there will be 3 campaigns; as the UK Youth Parliament is a UK programme at least one topic must be relevant for young people across the UK. So at least one campaign must be the highest placed UK-wide topic. The Make Your Mark consultation gives a large mandate for climate topics, Stop Plastic Pollution (Devolved) and Take Action on the Climate Emergency (UK-wide). We will bring Stop Plastic Pollution under the umbrella of Climate Emergency, to make it a UK-wide topic.

Meaning the next 3 campaigns are:

  • Free University - We should invest in the young people of today by providing free university. The alternative is that young people will suffer financial hardship and not reach their full potential. (Devolved topic)
  • Support Our Mental Health - More money should be given for young people’s mental health. We should be offered mental health support in schools and ensure that teachers know about mental health. (Devolved topic)
  • Take Action on the Climate Emergency: Stop Plastic Pollution - If we do not take action now, it is predicted that waste plastics will outweigh fish in our oceans by 2050. Let’s reduce single-use and non-essential plastics (UK wide topic)

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Brendan McGowan

Youth Voice Manager (Regions/Nations Delivery)

The British Youth Council

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