Abusive relationships

If you are in a relationship with someone, you should feel loved, safe, respected and free to be yourself. You shouldn't be abused.

Abuse can be:

  • emotional: being ignored, excluded or blamed
  • physical: being repeatedly hit or not cared for
  • sexual: being forced to take part in sexual activities in person or through the internet or mobile phones

If you are a victim of abuse such as domestic violence or sexual exploitation you may not think yourself as such. You may see your abuser as your partner. You may not want to get your partner in trouble or cause your partner to become angry or break up with you.

It isn’t your fault if you are being abused. You shouldn't feel guilty, scared or ashamed.

For more information and advice -

  • Real Love Rocks - more about child sexual exploitation what a healthy and safe relationship is


If you would like help, get in touch with us for confidential information, advice and support.


If you or someone else you know is in immediate danger please dial 999.

Other organisations that can help you:

If you are a victim of domestic violence:

If you are a victim of sexual exploitation: