Financial support for Former Relevant Care Leavers 18-25 years

As a care leaver we will try to help you financially. Your personal adviser will give you more advice and information if you need it.

You are a Former Relevant care leaver if:

  • You are 18-21.

If at the age of 21 you're still being helped by Lancashire county Council with education or training then you'll remain a Former Relevant young person, until a maximum age of 25. What support you'll be receiving must be set out in your pathway plan.

The table below is for Former Relevant care leavers aged 18-25.

For care leavers aged 21-25 support will be based on assessed need, which means what the Leaving Care Service think you need. Please ask your personal adviser for more information.

Category Age criteria Our offer to you
Leaving Care Allowance while waiting for your first Universal Credit claim.


£57.90 per week for 5 weeks while you wait for your Universal Credit. This is for your first benefit claim only. You will be expected to make an advanced benefit claim and your personal adviser will support you with this.

Photo ID


Provisional licence will be funded up to the age of 25 and a driving licence will be funded as a form of photo ID, based on assessed need

A passport will only be funded if needed for a specific reason such as employment, training or travel.



Funding to see family or significant others based on assessed need. This can be discussed when you do your pathway plan with your PA.

Hobbies and Interests


Funding to pursue hobbies or interests based on assessed need. This can be discussed when you do your pathway plan with your PA.



£25 for one religious/annual celebration each year for example this could be Christmas.

£25 for the 19th birthday

£25 for the 20th birthday

£50 for the 21st birthday

Voluntary work


£25 per week for a minimum of 5 hours voluntary work based on assessed need.

Interview clothes


Up to a total of £100 for interview clothing based on assessed need.

Driving lessons


Funding for up to 20 driving lessons if there is a clear link to a future career or employment. You will be expected to contribute 10% towards the lessons.

We will pay for fees for 1 Theory test and 1 practical driving test, based on assessed need.

Funding for one theory test and one practical test will be provided.

Rent or bond


Based on assessed need and outlined in your pathway plan, rent/bond deposit will be funded to secure accommodation for independent living.

If you haven't received this prior to age 21 then this financial support can be accessed up to age 25.

Rent top up


We can provide up to 20% of Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rent top up, this will be based on assessed need and where you have demonstrated that you can maintain a tenancy.

Starter Pack


One Starter Pack of £70 to provide financial support for food (£30), cleaning products (£10) and utilities (£30) when moving into independent living for the first time.

Setting Up Home Allowance (SUHA)


Funding to buy essential furniture and household items based on assessed need.

Entitlements changed in the Financial Procedure 2019, the SUHA for:

  • anyone aged 18 or older on or after 1 April 2019 is £2,050
  • anyone under 18 on or after 1 April 2019 is £2,250

An additional £200 can be provided for items such as carpets when moving into social housing. Ask your personal adviser for more information.

Removal costs


Removal expenses for up to 2 changes of address. If you are living with a partner only half the removal fee will be paid. This will be based on assessed need.

Council Tax Grant


Funding to pay for Council Tax based on assessed need.

You must apply for the council tax exemption, please discuss this with your personal adviser and let them know of any change in circumstance.

Work Wear


Funding to buy essential work wear based on assessed need.

Travel to work


Funding to commute to a new place of part-time or full-time work for up to 4 weeks based on assessed need.

Part time training or education


£25 per week when accessing part-time training or education if you can't get a bursary, for a limited period of time, based on assessed need.

Transport to education or training


Funding to pay for transport to education or training if no other funding is available, based on attendance.

PEPSA for course equipment


Funding for course equipment through Personal Education Plan Support Allowance (PEPSA) based on assessed need.

Ask your social worker or personal adviser about how you access it.

Higher Education Bursary


£2,000 Higher Education Bursary is provided for undergraduate courses. This will be paid in term time instalments for the duration of the course. This is a one off bursary

Vacation accommodation


Financial support to pay for vacation accommodation such as Christmas, Easter and summer breaks (22 weeks per academic year).

Rent will be based on assessed need but will be no more than the Local Housing Allowance in the area you are staying.

Graduation ceremony


£50 for expenses related to your graduation ceremony.

Graduation Bursary


Graduation Bursary of £3,500 when you successfully complete your undergraduate studies.