Higher education

We work closely with local universities to provide opportunities for care leavers to experience university life.

Financial support

The law says we must provide you with assistance with expenses linked with employment, education and training. In particular:

  • Higher Education Bursary- the university bursary is funded by Lancashire Virtual School and paid over a 3 year period on an academic year basis. The total value of the bursary is £2000 which is paid in 3 instalments of £667, £666 and £666. This is a one off bursary.
  • Vacation Accommodation-if you are doing a degree course away from home and you need accommodation during university holidays then funding will be provided  (level of rent will be based on assessed need)

We will also provide

  • Graduation Bursary- on completion of your degree you will receive a one off payment. This is only available to young people that started their degree 2014 onwards
  • Course equipment for university - Eligible care leavers will receive the Higher Education Bursary above from Lancashire Virtual School and a bursary from your university for course equipment. This is for any equipment you may need for university. Any further support will be based on assessed need, please go to the Money section for more details

Other support you can apply for

  • University tuition fee and maintenance support from the Government see student finance (external link) for more information
  • Unite Foundation (external link) - care leavers can apply for a scholarship to cover all their accommodation costs at some universities.

Support from universities

The four local universities offer tailored support to care leavers such as:

  • a dedicated contact
  • one to one advice
  • accommodation available 365 days a year
  • a bursary or extra funds (if you are eligible)

For more information about the support provided by individual universities visit their websites: 

More information and advice

Other organisations that provide information and advice:


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