Grit bins

We provide more than 2,600 grit bins around the county.  

Help everyone by not using the grit for purposes other than for gritting the roads and pavements in the vicinity of the bin. The grit is there to make the roads and pavements safer for everyone and is not for private use using the grit for other purposes could lead to unnecessary risks to other people if the grit runs out. If you see it being taken away or used inappropriately, please contact the police.

Where grit bins are located

Usually grit bins are in locations that are not on a gritting route or where a particular hazard has been identified.

When grit bins are filled and refilled

Grit bins are filled before the start of the winter season and we aim to refill them as often as we can.

Requesting a grit bin refill

You can request a grit bin refill by using our online reporting tool.

Please use grit from the grit bins sparingly. You simply sprinkle the grit on the area needed to give a fine coating, and as the area is driven or walked upon the grit will activate and melt the ice. Around one cup full is enough for one square metre, so a shovel full will go a long way.

Requesting a grit bin

We only provide grit bins at new locations on minor roads that are not on the priority road network. We assess all requests for new grit bins taking account of a number of factors but not all locations will meet the criteria.

This includes:

  • whether the proposed location is significantly affected by winter weather
  • the gradient of the road and whether it is on a steep bend
  • its proximity to a junction with a main road
  • the number of premises the road provides access to
  • pedestrian movements

If you would like to request a new grit bin, please use our online reporting tool.

Where you can buy grit from

We do not provide grit to customers. You can buy grit from a range of local hardware stores or your local builder's merchant.

Find where we grit

See our gritting map for locations of all gritting routes: