Lancashire recycles

Recycle your clean pots, tubs and trays

It's easy to recycle more plastic waste.  Along with plastic bottles, you can also put clean plastic pots, tubs and trays in your recycling bins at home.

These include yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, and meat, fruit and vegetable trays of any shape or colour, along with their lids. It is easy to see whether something is recyclable by checking the number stamped onto it.

Anything with a number 1, 2 or 5 within the recycling triangle should go into your recycling bin

The colour and shape of the container doesn't matter - the main thing is to check that that it can be recycled, and give it a rinse. If the plastic still has food waste on it, or is covered in plastic film, it can cause a problem as it goes through our recycling system and could end up not be recycled at all.

We are a nation of recyclers and in Lancashire, we are pretty good at recycling. Thanks to your efforts, we recycle over 150,000 tonnes of waste every year. To help you visualise that…it's about the same weight as 1,500 Blue Whales. But, we could do even better…

50,000 tonnes of your recycling is still going in the wrong bin every year.

We could increase Lancashire's recycling rate by 16% if everyone always put the right thing in the right bin.

Some people are still putting some of their plastic bottles, cans, paper, card and glass into the waste bin. If we all put every single recyclable item in the recycling bin instead of the waste bin – we could save over 50,000 tonnes of waste from going to landfill every year. Which, is about the weight of another 500 Blue Whales.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Reducing what you waste is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment. 

From thinking differently about what you buy, re-using items that haven't reached the end of their life, to recycling as much as possible and composting at home.

There are lots of ways you can make a real difference for Lancashire.

Your local Recycling Centre

Our Household Waste Recycling Centres accept a wide range of materials for reuse, recycling and disposal.

Find your nearest Recycling Centre

and find out:

  • opening days and times
  • directions
  • items you can recycle at each 

A-Z of recycling - What do I do with...?

Recycling is a simple idea but there are some items that you may be unsure about. Our simple A to Z guide lets you know what to do with those items you are unsure about.


  • Aerosols - can either be recycled as part of your kerbside collection service with your cans or can be taken to your local Recycling Centre. Please ensure that aerosols are empty and are not pierced. This is especially important for aerosols that contain lighter fluid, which can explode when they are crushed.
  • Aluminium cans - can either be recycled as part of your kerbside collections with your tins and cans or can be taken to your local Recycling Centre. Aluminium can be recycled indefinitely as reprocessing does not damage its structure.
  • Aluminium foil - clean foil can be recycled as part of your kerbside collection service.


  • Batteries - Household and car batteries should be recycled separately at your local Recycling Centre, and NOT be put in any of your kerbside bins. There have recently been a number of fires in waste collection vehicles caused by batteries in waste.  A number of primary and secondary schools in Lancashire also collect household batteries for recycling.
  • Bicycles - Why not pass your unwanted bicycle to a friend or neighbour to use? Some charities and community groups will accept donated bicycles which are in good condition. Bicycles can also be taken to the Recycling Centre.
  • Bottles - See "plastic" and "glass"


  • Cans - can be recycled as part of your kerbside collection service. Please only use this collection for food and drink cans, aerosols and clean tinfoil. For all other metals see "Scrap Metal". Every steel can is 100% recyclable. It can b