Adoption of private streets

A private street is a street that is not maintained at public expense. The highway authority (the county council) is under no obligation to carry out repairs to private streets, even if they are a highway which the public has a right to use.

The county council will consider requests to adopt private roads so they become maintainable at public expense but we will not normally adopt a private road unless it is brought up to the county council's adoption standard.

We will consider problems such as the street being unpaved or without adequate kerbs, footways, surface water sewers, gullies and lighting.

The majority of the costs of any private street works required to meet the council's standard will usually be met by the owners of property fronting the street; therefore we will not normally initiate a private street works scheme unless it is supported by the majority of the affected property owners.

The county council may decide to make up the private street to a satisfactory condition by providing any or all of the missing features or by improving the standard of any existing features. When the works have been completed to our satisfaction, we may resolve to adopt the street.

Please note that the provision of funding by the council to cover part of the cost of private street works is currently limited.


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