Report vegetation and trees


If you are reporting a fallen or imminently dangerous tree call 0300 123 6780.

The quickest and easiest way to report vegetation and trees is via the Love Clean Streets mobile app. 

If your issue relates to a Public Right of Way - then 'Report a PROW fault'

Report It online

Before you start you will need to register for an account with Love Clean Streets, using an email address and password, if you haven't already done so. 

You will then be asked to provide:

  • the location of the vegetation or tree
  • a description
  • a photograph - max 4mb limit (optional - only take a photo if safe to do so)

Start your report

Select the type of fault you are reporting below: 

Grass verge cutting

Hedge pruning

Tree maintenance

Tree removal

How we maintain vegetation and trees and how you can help

We're responsible for the maintenance of vegetation and trees on the highway. We're unable to carry out work on private land and it is your responsibility to keep hedges, trees and shrubs on your property trimmed and maintained.

We take a balanced approach to the management of vegetation and trees on our highways.

It is crucial that verges are cut to ensure roads are safe for all users. Currently we cut a 1m strip adjacent to the carriageway and visibility spays at junctions.  We leave the remaining verge to grow wild to support biodiverse habitats.

Subject to resources, we'll:

  • manage risks to people and property
  • maximise environmental benefits
  • enhance the overall condition of the tree stock and verge
  • manage our green estate so that there is no net loss of habitat or ecological value
  • seek opportunities to enhance biodiversity

We are also reviewing our approach to promoting biodiversity as part of the Climate Change approach approved by Cabinet in March 2021.

You can see further details of how we manage our highways verges, landscaped areas and trees in section 11 of our Highway Management Plan.

We're unable to carry out work on private land. We have a legal responsibility to protect the safety of highway users by making sure that land and property owners keep hedges, trees and shrubs maintained.

Where overgrown vegetation is becoming a problem, we may serve a notice on the householder, landowner or occupier requesting the necessary work to be completed within a stated period. If they do not comply we may carry out the work and claim back the cost.

You can help by keeping your hedges, trees and shrubs trimmed so that people using roads and pavements can do so safely.

If a hedge or tree on your property overhangs the road, or may fall onto the road, it's legally your responsibility to keep it trimmed and maintained.

Make sure you: 

  • trim hedges and trees to make sure they don't cover up road signs
  • trim roadside hedges that could obstruct visibility for road users, particularly at junctions or on bends
  • trim any hedges next to a road, footway, cycleway or public right of way so that cyclists and pedestrians can pass safely
  • remove dead or decaying trees that could fall across the road
  • remove branches and other growth that may prevent high sided vehicles passing or obstruct light from street lights
  • clear away all the cuttings (including from the footway, grids and gullies)
  • check for nesting birds and roosting bats before you cut down trees and hedges
  • carry work out during daylight hours and at a time when it's not busy to reduce congestion and delays

Check with your district council or planning authority, if: 

  • you think a tree is subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)
  • you live in a Conservation Area

as the Planning Officer may wish to supervise the work.

Further information is available in our guidance leaflet: Is your over grown vegetation causing others a problem? (pdf, 3mb)