Report a fault on a Public Right of Way

The quickest and easiest way to report a fault on a Public Right of Way is via the Love Clean Streets mobile app. 

Report It online

Before you start you will need to register for an account with Love Clean Streets, using an email address and password, if you haven't already done so. 

You will then be asked to provide:

  • the location of the fault
  • a description
  • a photograph - max 4mb limit (optional - only take a photo if safe to do so)

Start your report

Select the type of fault you are reporting below: 

Obstruction of path or byway

Surface issue on path or byway

Overgrowth on/over a path or byway

Signpost for a path or byway

Ploughed/cropped path or byway

Ditch crossing on path or byway

Waymark for path or byway

Broken or unusable stile on path

Gate on path or byway

Steps/boardwalk on path or byway

Contact us by email

If you would prefer to email your report to us, then email with the following information: 

  • Location - this can be either: 
    • ordnance Survey grid reference
    • What 3 Words
    • a path reference if you know it (e.g. 1­­­-10­­-­FP23)
  • Description - what the obstruction or disrepair is and how it affects users of the way.

We will email an acknowledgement of your report and a further update when it is resolved.

Visit our Public Rights of Way website for further information.