Bus service changes

You can check bus times using our online timetables.

Monthly bus service changes

Bank Holidays

Please note on a Bank Holiday most bus service providers generally operate a 'Sunday' service on their routes.  For full details, please contact the bus operator concerned.

Improvements to bus services

Following Lancashire County Council's Cabinet decision to commit additional funding to review the tendered local bus service network across Lancashire, the first phase of the service enhancements will be implemented on 11 December 2017.  A second phase of service enhancements is proposed to be implemented on 12 February 2018.

The aims of this additional funding are to link communities, particularly in rural areas where people who do not have access to a car are most reliant on public transport services, and increase the frequency of a number of services where there is most demand, to try and create more sustainable services for the future.

With the level of funding available the focus is on Monday to Saturday daytime service provision and looking to develop sustainable local bus services that also prioritise employment, education and social needs.

Improvements to bus services - full details of improvements and downloadable leaflets.