Bus lanes - pay or challenge your penalty notice

Bus lane enforcement is used to ensure bus lanes remain clear for use by permitted vehicles.

Charges and payment

The standard Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) is £70.

If payment is made within 21 days of PCN being served, the charge is reduced by 50% to £35.

If payment is made after a service of charge certificate, the charge increases by 50% to £105.

More information about paying or challenging a PCN.

Pay your Penalty Charge Notice  

Make a representation against your Penalty Charge Notice  

Permitted vehicles

Only buses and bicycles may use the bus lane. Local signs identify any other permitted vehicles.

A blue badge does not entitle you to make use of the bus lane.

You cannot park or load in a bus lane.

Terms and conditions of bus lane use:

  1. 2 working days notice is required for access unless it is an emergency situation
  2. Access will only be granted if the vehicle is required for carrying out works within the bus lane or if there is no alternative route to access a property
  3. Access can only be applied for by the registered owner/keeper/hirer, we will not accept requests from a 3rd party.
  4. Any request for access to any bus lane will be refused if there are outstanding penalty charge notices anywhere in the county – this includes parking penalties.
  5. Any vehicle with outstanding bus lane or parking penalties will not be added to the white list for any bus lane
  6. Any misuse of the bus lane white list will result in the vehicle being removed and future requests will be denied

Hackney drivers

  1. Hackney drivers will only be added to the white list up to the date their licence expires
  2. When the licence is due to expire it is the drivers responsibility to send the new licence at least 5 working days prior to the old licence expiry date
  3. Any penalty charge notices issued from the vehicle dropping off the white list on the licence expiry date up to supplying a copy of the new licence will not be cancelled. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure parking services receive a copy of the new licence in time to allow the vehicle to be added back to the white list.

How we enforce bus lanes

The bus lanes will be enforced using static ANPR cameras located next to the bus lanes.

The bus lanes will be enforced during the hours of operation related to the specific bus lane. Local signs will identify hours of operation.

Enforcement on public/bank holidays

Bus lanes contraventions are enforced as normal to manage the highway network effectively.

What authority does the council have to do this?

The county council is the approved local authority for the purposes of undertaking civil enforcement of bus lane contraventions within the authority area. 

Bus lane orders are made under the Traffic Management Act of 2001.