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If you  are applying for a change of vehicle permit in the Preston area do not apply online as you will be charged. Instead you should return your old permit and an application form (DOCX/ PDF) for a new permit to the our postal address.

Please note – if you are a permit holder in the St Mark's area of Preston you will be unable to apply for a permit at this moment in time however your current permit will remain valid until you are contacted by the council.

Eligible properties

View eligible properties in Preston

Price of permits

Resident permit 1st Permit £29.00
2nd Permit £45.00
Visitor permit 1 month disc £8.00
3 month disc £22.00
6 month disc £40.00
12 month disc £75.00
Business permit (maximum 1 per business) £125.00 each

Two residents and two visitor permits will be issued per household.

How to apply for a permit

To apply please refer to our on-street parking permits terms and conditions.