Eligible properties in Preston

Zone AV1 Eligible properties
Avenham Lane 4-42 Inclusive
Avenham Road All
Back Camden Place All
Back Starkie Street All
Bairstow Street All
Camden Place All
Chaddock Street All
Cross Street All
Glovers Street All
Regent Street All
Ribblesdale Place All
Starkie Street All
Winckley Square All
Zone AV2 Eligible properties
Berwick Road 5-43 Odds
Great Avenham Street All
Guildford Road 1-19
Latham Street All
Zone AV3 Eligible properties
East Cliff 1 (Flats 1, 3, 6 and 7), 2, 3, 4
East Cliff Road 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19-Lower Flat, 19a-Upper Flat, 21, 21a
Garden Street 13, 15, 17, 18, 19, 21, 23,
Mount Street 86, 86a, 88, 90, 92, 94,
7-11 Hartley's Wine Bar (Managers Accommodation),
23-Cedar House,
4-Mountwood Academy,
15-17-Connaught House (Flat 1,2 and 3)
Zone BR1 Eligible properties
Arnott Road All
Balcarres Road 43-105 Odds 42-102 Evens
Briggs Road All
Ord Road All
Shelley Road 257 – 331 Odd 265 – 298 Even
Zone CR1 Eligible properties
Cooper Road All
Marsh Lane 238 – 254 Inclusive
Nelson Terrace All
Spa Road All
Talbot Road All
Wellfield Road 4 – 17 Inclusive
Zone DD1 Eligible properties
Deepdale Road 16-160 Evens
Zone DS1 Eligible properties
Derby Street All
Zone DP1 Eligible properties
Devonshire Place 2 – 10 Inclusive
Zone ES1 Eligible properties
Barlow Street 127 – 139 Odds
Ellen Street 113-129 Inclusive
Zone FS1 Eligible properties
Fleet Street 2
Fox Street 7a, 15-17 Inclusive
Corporation Street Preston City Mission
Zone HR1 Eligible properties
Christ Church Street All
Hartington Road All
Spring Bank 7 – 18 Inclusive
Zone HC1 Eligible properties
Adelphi House All
Adelphi Street 135, 137, 139, 141
Ashmoor Street 1 – 41 Odds
Eversleigh Street 1 – 17 Odds 2-14 Evens
Harcourt Street All
Hawkins Close All
Hawkins Street 9, 11, 13, North Star Inn
Heysham Street All
Murray Street 12 – 28 Even 1-10 Inclusive
Zone HS1 Eligible properties
College Court 60 – 68 Inclusive
Havelock Street 14 – 24 Inclusive
Haysworth Street All
Ripon Street 2 – 20 Inclusive
Zone LR1 Eligible properties
Appleby Street All
Aughton Walk All
Beckett Court All
Bushell Street All
Dawson Walk All
Edale Court All
Fish Street All
Kilshaw Street All
Lancaster Road North 261 – 303 Odds
Sheldon Court All
St Thomas Place All
St Thomas Street All
Thorpe Close All
Zone MB1 Eligible properties
Abbey Street All
Ashton Street 19 - 23 Inclusive 32 – 38 Inclusive
Pedder Street 1 - 9 Inclusive
Priory Street All
Weston Street All
Zone ML1 Eligible properties
Crown Street All
Elizabeth Street 2 - 24 Evens
Lancaster Road North 185 - 199 Odds
Zone ML2 Eligible properties
Adelphi Place All
Adelphi Street 6-16 Evens 2-30 Inclusive 34-42 Inclusive 23-31 Odds
Fylde Road 2,4,6,10
Harrington Street 43-56 Inclusive
Moor Lane 2, 2a 11-40 Inclusive
St Peters Close 1-7 Inclusive
St Peters Square All
St Peters Street All
Zone PS1 Eligible properties
Pollard Street All
Maudland Road 14, 15, 16
Zone PS2 Eligible properties
Parkside All
Zone SA1 Eligible properties
Arundel Place All
Berry Street All
Charlotte Street All
Clarendon Street All
Denbigh Way All
Dickson Street All
Hudson Street All
Knowsley Street All
Manchester Road 130 - 138 Evens
Norwich Place All
Oxford Street 19 – 57 Odds
St Austins Place All
St Austins Road All
Zone WP1 Eligible properties
Wolseley Place All
Zone SP1 Eligible properties
Deepdale Road 17 – 33 Odds
Driscoll Street All
East Street All
East View All
Edmund Street All
Egan Street All
Holstein street All
Hopwood Street All
Jutland Street All
Meadow Street All
Newton Street All
Pump Street All
Shaw Street All
South Meadow Street All
St Barnabas Place All
St Ignatius Place All
St Ignatius Square All
St Pauls Road Flats Only 17-29a
St Pauls Square All
Stanleyfield Road All
Zone WC1 Eligible properties
Christian Road All
Fishergate 63-68 Inclusive
Fishergate Hill 1-24 Inclusive
North Cliff Street All
South Cliff Street All
Stanley Place All
Waltons Parade All
West Cliff All
West Cliff Terrace All