Scooting is a fantastic way to excercise and is becoming increasingly popular with young people. It is important that young people are aware of correct scooter safety and the guidelines which should be followed to help keep them and pedestrians using the footpaths safe.

Below are several documents to help in educating young people and their parents with regard to scooter safety.

Scooting Tips & Activity Booklet - This booklet is A3 in size, however, if you alter the print settings it can also be printed in A4. The booklet is aimed at young people and is filled with safety tips and activities to provide knowledge and highlight scooter safety.

Scooting booklet

Parent Scooter Tips - This sheet highlights safety tips for parents should their child have use of a scooter. It provides parents with clear guidance in regard to scooter safety and can be distributed through schools.

Parent tips