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Dementia - person centred assessment SC87

Who is this course for?

This course is for team managers, social workers, social care support officers and occupational therapists, who are involved in assessment.

Prerequisite – to have completed SCIE Dementia E learning module.


To improve the quality of face to face assessments and support practice development.


At the end of the course participants will be able to:
• Explain what dementia is, including the signs and symptoms.
• Identify the possible physical and mental experience of people living with dementia.
• Recognise and explain that a person’s experience of living with dementia will be unique to that individual.
• Name local services which could help support the person living with dementia, their carer and their family.
• Identify communication barriers and use skills to maximise communication and understanding with people with dementia.
• Recognise and explain the importance of reminiscence for many people with dementia and how to facilitate reminiscence.
• Describe how people with dementia use whatever means are available to them to communicate feelings and needs.
• Describe how the ‘different reality’ of a person with dementia usually indicates the person’s needs and feelings.
• Demonstrate how to respond with empathy


Beth Noray – Liferoots Training

Delivery Dates & Venue

The Exchange
County Hall
Conference Training Facility
Preston. PR1 8XJ

  • Currently no training dates