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Online training is a great alternative to support your ongoing development. Providing immediate access with great flexibility to complete at your own pace and in your own chosen environment.

Please see various links below to access available online training including AC-Education.

AC-Education Online

The AC-Education Short Course Programme offers a range of courses aimed at those working with vulnerable children and young people. The courses are delivered online so that users can work at their own pace and at a convenient time. Each course is roughly equivalent to one or two day’s face-to-face training.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's)

are stressful or traumatic events that happen in childhood and can affect people as adults. They include events that affect a child or young person directly, such as abuse or neglect. ACEs also include things that affect children indirectly through the environment they live in. This could be living with a parent or caregiver who has poor mental health, where there is domestic abuse, or where parents have divorced or separated. ACEs can be single events, long-term or repeated experiences.

Disability Matters online learning for foster carers of children and young people with disabilities

The Fostering Network has partnered with Disability Matters to put together a free online learning resource for foster carers. The Disability Matters for Foster Carers learning package comprises eight courses focused on issues relevant to foster carers of children and young people with disabilities. The e-learning package can be accessed free of charge.

Children's safeguarding assurance partnership

A Virtual Learning Environment for everyone who works with children, young people and their families across Lancashire delivered through the Blackburn with Darwen Website as part of the new Blackburn with Darwen, Blackpool and Lancashire Children's Safeguarding Assurance Partnership (CSAP).Foster carers will have to self register before being able to access the Me Learning. The following sessions are available as E learning for Foster carers. Only the sessions below are relevant to Foster carers on our partner's site. • Domestic Abuse • Sexual Abuse and Introduction to Child Sexual Exploitation • Online Safety – Risks to Children • Safeguarding Children with Disabilities • Safeguarding Children in Sport

Missing Children eLearning

The course will give you the confidence to know what to do when a child goes missing and how children going missing or being absent can be prevented.

Prevent duty eLearning

This is introductory training which will provide an important foundation on which to develop further knowledge around the risks of radicalisation and the role that you can play in supporting those at risk.

RSPCA Breaking the Chain of Animal Cruelty

The course can be accessed by following the Interactive training link and is primarily for children to do.