The Reading Ramble podcast

The Reading Ramble is a regular podcast brought to you by the library service.

Episodes will be released every fortnight through all major podcast providers.

We'll bring you digestible audio delights, covering a range of subjects. From heroes and villains in literature, through our favourite female writers, to the worst books we've ever read.

The podcast will be hosted by the Cultural Development Team, and will feature interviews with authors and creatives, as well as input from colleagues across the library service.

If you have any enquiries about The Reading Ramble, please contact

Episode one

Heroes and Villains Part 1: Here we go!

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Episode two

Heroes and Villains Part 2: Venomous Villains and Dastardly Deeds

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Episode three

Small Bells Ringing in Accrington

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Episode four

Literary Lionesses

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Episode five

Interview with T.M. Logan

Listen to episode 5 on Spotify

Episode six

Fictional Worlds

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Episode seven

Lancashire Book of the Year shortlist

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Episode eight

Small Bells Ring - the launch of Furor Scribendi

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Episode nine

Make Music Day

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Episode ten

Creative Writing

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Episode eleven

Children's Books Part One

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Episode twelve

Children's Books Part Two

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Episode thirteen

Interview with Nick Oldham

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Episode fourteen

Interview with Willy Vlautin

Listen to episode 14 on Spotify

Episode fifteen

Interview with Alan Veale

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Episode sixteen

Discussion about audiobooks

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Episode seventeen

Chat with Samuel Pollen, winner of Lancashire Book of the Year 2020

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