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Rehabilitation services

Our support to you if you have sight, hearing loss or both – rehabilitation services

Our main role is to offer guidance around your sight to help you to do more things for yourself and have a better quality of life including:

  • daily living
  • communicating with others
  • getting around your home and community safely

We are unable to offer medical advice/treatment, hearing aids or glasses.

We work with anyone with a visual impairment including children and those with multiple disabilities, and often work alongside other professionals.

Daily living

Some simple equipment and adaptations in your home may make many tasks safer and easier. We can also offer advice if you need more specialist equipment.


You may need help finding a new or the best way of reading or writing including; using thick felt-tip pens, large print, Braille, Moon, computer skills or audio recordings on tape, CD or other formats. Our rehabilitation officers can also advise on mobile phones and other ways of communicating with technology such as email.

Getting around your home and community safely

We offer help and training to help you move around your home more safely or make it easier to get around outside your home such as shopping areas, or travel by public transport.

If you want to contact our rehabilitation services telephone: 0300 123 6720. You can also be referred to our rehabilitation service through our social care services as part of a social care assessment, your doctor, hospital consultant and other vision related professionals.

Further information:

You might need more than just information about losing your sight, hearing or both, if so, other options for arranging your own care or a little bit of help are available. If you have tried these options or feel you need our support find out about getting our support.