Lancashire warm spaces

We are developing a network of warm, safe and welcoming spaces to support residents during the winter months. These warm spaces will provide you with somewhere to keep warm, access information and advice or spend time with others.

Search our directory by entering your postcode or address to find nearby warm spaces and what they offer.

Find your nearest warm space

You may wish to also visit your local council's website to find more warm spaces open near you.


Our libraries are all warm and welcome spaces, where you can find:

  • a warm drink
  • a space to sit
  • free computers and Wi-Fi
  • charging points for your phone or laptop
  • events and activities
  • help from staff to find information

Find a library to view its facilities, what’s on and opening times. All our libraries have disabled access.

Search for events at our libraries where you can get together with others for a chat, play board games or learn something new.

Other venues

We are working with voluntary, community, and faith organisations, and parish and town councils to set up more warm spaces across Lancashire.

Provide a warm space at your venue

Register as a warm space

If you're an established venue within Lancashire and can offer a warm, safe, and welcoming space to Lancashire residents during the winter months, please consider registering as a warm space. By registering you'll get our guidance and support to set up and run your warm space. 


If your organisation needs funding to support you to set up and run a warm space, you may be able to apply for a small grant from the Lancashire warm spaces grant scheme.

Lancashire Warm Spaces Charter

All registered warm spaces will be expected to comply with, and meet the spirit of, our Lancashire Warm Spaces Charter.

The charter has been developed to provide residents with a clear understanding of what they can always expect when they enter a warm space in Lancashire:

A warm welcome

Every time you come to a warm space you will be given a warm welcome from the friendly staff and volunteers.

No judgement

Every warm space is a non-judgemental space. Whatever the reason you have for needing to come in, you'll be treated fairly and never judged.

Respect and dignity

Everyone has a right to be warm. Staff, volunteers and those visiting warm spaces will be expected to treat everyone with respect and dignity. 

Everyone must respect this, or they will be asked to leave.


Warm spaces will aim to be accessible to all. Where physical features reduce accessibility warm spaces will aim to make you aware of this through their publicity and if possible, signpost to alternative venues locally.


Warm spaces will be responsible for having safeguarding and food hygiene policies which will always be followed. They will have a commitment to health and safety and have appropriate risk assessments in place.


If you want to share the reasons you need a warm space, someone will listen. Staff and volunteers won't tell anyone else unless you give them permission, or they are required to because of their safeguarding policies.


If you need to access information, advice or support the staff within the warm space will be able to signpost you to organisations that can help, if you so wish.