Colne town centre - proposed sustainable transport corridor

We are proposing a two-way sustainable transport corridor in Colne town centre through Market Street. This would improve bus journey times and service reliability. 

The introduction of two-way traffic on Craddock Road will allow buses to travel the length of Market Street. It will improve access to bus services, and allow easier interchange between services for passengers.

Details of the proposal

A new sustainable transport corridor on Market Street in Colne, with a bus gate directly outside the market either side of the zebra crossing. Only buses, cycles and taxis will be able to travel the full length of Market Street in both directions.

Two-way traffic would be introduced on the westerly only sections of Craddock Road, Walton Street and Newtown Street. There will be some adjustments to on-street parking and loading arrangements. However you would still be able to access all existing car parks throughout the town centre.

Upgraded traffic signals with intelligent bus priority technology would be installed at the junction of Skipton Road, Keighley Road, Market Street and Newtown Street.

You can view the proposed design on the following map:

Public engagement and consultation

There will be a full consultation on the sustainable corridor and any associated parking restrictions through the Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) procedure.