About us

The county council exists to serve everyone who lives or works in Lancashire, helping people to be healthy, happy and enjoy a good quality of life. We're also here to protect the most vulnerable members of our communities who need some extra support.

Some of our services are very visible to everyone in the county, but there are many others you may only know about if you come into direct contact with them.

From attracting companies here to create new jobs and working with hundreds of schools to deliver a good education, to arranging help at home for people who are unable to get by on their own, in different ways we touch on the lives of everyone in the county.

If you need our help

We provide care services to older people; we help people with disabilities to be active, learn and be independent; and we find adoptive parents and foster carers for children in our care.

To help you achieve your ambitions

We work with others to attract employers to the county and create new jobs; we can help you learn new skills; and we offer a range of advice and support to people starting up their own business.

To help you look after your health

We arrange a number of services to help you improve your health and work with the NHS to make sure you get a good service when you're not well; we also help deal with and prevent difficult situations like outbreaks of infectious diseases.

When you need to keep moving

We invest in public and sustainable transport, build and maintain roads and bridges, and service public rights of way.

At important times in your life

We register births and deaths, play a part in marriages and welcome new residents through British citizenship ceremonies.

When you want to learn, develop and enjoy

We run libraries, museums and heritage sites, maintain countryside parks and work with schools to help children achieve their potential.

When you need to feel safe

We work with drivers, residents and schools to reduce accidents on our roads, and with the police and other agencies to help people feel safer both outdoors and at home.

We condemn racism, xenophobia and hate crimes unequivocally. Racism, xenophobia and hate crimes of any description have no place in our country or our county.

District councils

Lancashire County Council is part of a 'two tier' system of local government, so if you live here you will also have a district council providing some of the council services local to your area.