What is SEND?

Special Educational Needs or Disability (SEND)

Children and young people with SEN have a difficulty that makes it harder for them to learn than other children and young people of the same age. They may need additional or different support to help them succeed.

Children and young people with a disability may or may not have special educational needs. A disability is described as a continuing condition, physical or mental, which makes it more difficult to carry out certain day-to-day activities.

Children and young people with SEND may need help because of a range of needs. The 0-25 SEND Code of Practice (external link) sets out four areas of SEN:

  • Communicating and interacting
  • Cognition and learning
  • Social, emotional and mental health difficulties
  • Sensory and/or physical needs

Children and young people often have needs that cut across these areas and their needs may change over time.