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Pupils at risk of permanent exclusion

The school should liaise with the relevant professionals and agencies if they feel that your child is at risk of permanent exclusion. They will work with the school and yourself to try to prevent the child from being excluded.

The school should draw up a Pastoral Support Programme (PSP), or a similar support strategy, which outlines ways of helping your child.

You will be given the opportunity to be involved and the plan may set targets for the pupil, parents, school and other support agencies.

Statements of special educational needs and education, health and care plans

If your child has a statement of special educational needs or education, health and care plan, the school can ask the county council to review the statement/plan if your child is at risk of permanent exclusion. You would be invited to the review meeting. At the review meeting other ways of dealing with your child's behaviour can be discussed to try to avoid permanent exclusion.