Scaffolding and hoarding licence

Licence applications

In Lancashire, when carrying out work on the highway or the emplacement of anything on the highway that could cause an obstruction to traffic or a danger to the public, a permit or licence is required to be obtained prior to carrying out any works.

In order to obtain a licence, you must be able to provide your company address, contact number and public liability insurance that covers at least £5 million along with any supporting plans or documents to;

Regulations for scaffoldings and hoardings can be found within Part IX of the Highways Act 1980.

The council will aim to respond to all licence applications within 24 hours' of receiving the application.

Any scaffoldings or hoardings erected prior to obtaining a licence may be subject to enforcement action.


If you wish to erect scaffolding on the highway, you must provide the council at least two working days' notice. Ensure that you have reviewed the Highways Act 1980 legislation and that your scaffolding will comply with the necessary walkways for pedestrians.

If your scaffolding may cause an obstruction that will cause pedestrians to walk on the road, then you must provide a necessary pdf plan which indicates chapter 8 compliant traffic management in your application for the council to review and assess before a licence can be granted. You may be required to apply for a TTRO/road space application to facilitate a safe route for pedestrians.


Under the Highways Act 1980, any person proposing to erect or take down a building in a street or alter or repair the outside of a building in a street shall, before beginning the work, erect a close boarded hoarding or fence to the satisfaction of the highway authority.

All hoarding applications require a pdf drawing plan showing the extent of the installation and at least two working days' notice.


Please contact Street Works Team for further information:


The fees for scaffolding or hoarding licences are £36 per 7 days.