Abnormal load notification

We coordinate the movement of abnormal loads throughout Lancashire's highway network, ensuring that the requirements of industry are met, while minimising the risk to road safety and delays to other road users, and also safeguarding bridges from damage by over weight or over height vehicles.

There is a legal requirement under the Road Vehicles Order 2003 for a haulier to give advance notice when travelling on the highway with a vehicle or vehicle combination which does not comply with Construction and Use Regulations, i.e generally having a total weight (whether it is unladen or wholly or partly laden) exceeding 44,000 kilogrammes and vehicles with plated axle weight exceeding 10,000 kilogrammes or 11,500 kilogrammes driven.

We check routes for a vehicle(s) of given specification taking into account current weight, headroom, width and roadworks restrictions. 

Geographical area covered

Whole of the Lancashire area with exclusion of Motorways M6, M65 to J10, M55, M58, A585, A570 between M58 J3 to Southport, and A65. However M65 J10 to J14 and the A601 (M) are the responsibility of Lancashire County Council.


Abnormal loads officer
Lancashire County Council

Tel: 01772 534477

9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Fax: 01772 562537or 01772 534467