Inquest conclusions

Date of inquest Date inquest concluded Name of deceased Conclusion
03/11/2020 09/11/2020 WILLIAMS, Jean Accident contributed to by neglect
09/11/2020 09/11/2020 ARDIS, Alice Alice ARDIS died on 13 February 2020 at Royal Blackburn Hospital having been discovered outside her home however how that occurred could not be more particularly determined
09/11/2020 09/11/2020 ASGHAR, Mohammed Road traffic collision
09/11/2020 09/11/2020 CUTLER, Graham Frederick Having been exposed to asbestos during h is working life Graham Frederick CUTLER died at Royal Blackburn Hospital on 20 September 2019 from a natural cause of death to which mesothelioma contributed
09/11/2020 09/11/2020 LATHAM, John Robert Accident
10/11/2020 10/11/2020 MCINERNEY, Wayne Junior Misadventure
11/11/2020 11/11/2020 BELLUSCI, Franco Franco BELLUSCI died due to methadone toxicity
12/11/2020 12/11/2020 GARDNER, Maureen Teresa Accidental death
12/11/2020 13/11/2020 WILKINSON, Peter Anthony Peter Wilkinson died at home on the 2nd January 2018 of a likely coronary arrhythmia which occurred as a consequence of left ventricular hypertrophy. His death was as a result of natural causes. He attended at his GP¿s surgery on the 29th December 2017 complaining of chest pains over the previous month. He was seen by a nurse practitioner. He likely did not have chest pains at the time of presentation and did not complain of them having occurred during the preceding few days. He ought to have firstly been given a diagnosis of angina and in accordance with NICE guidelines, secondly he should have been prescribed a GTN spray and thirdly he should have been referred to a Rapid Access Chest Pain clinic. None of these three events took place. It is not possible to say if the fact that any or all of them not having taken place more than minimally contributed to Mr Willkinson¿s death. Instead he was given advice to call 999 in the event of further chest pain and was referred for an ECG. On the 2nd January 2018 he telephoned an ambulance as a consequence of chest pains at 06:07 hours. The call was answered at 06:09 hours by a call handler in the employ of North West Ambulance Service. The call was initially properly categorised by an automated system as a category 2 call. The call handler, in error, did not escalate the call to a more urgent category 1 call when Mr Wilkinson appeared to lose consciousness and subsequently fell silent at approximately 06:16 hours. Within a few minutes thereafter the call was terminated in contravention of guidance. Had he escalated the call it is likely that an ambulance would have been available at 06:20 hours and arrived at Mr Wilkinson¿s home address at approximately 06:38 hours. In fact an ambulance did not arrive at Mr Wilkinson¿s home address until
13/11/2020 13/11/2020 ENTWISTLE, Margaret Accident
16/11/2020 16/11/2020 BLUNDELL, Harry Accident
16/11/2020 16/11/2020 BORRINO, John George Mr BORRINO died as a result of intracranial bleeding caused by an unidentified collapse due to his pre-existing cardiac conditions.
16/11/2020 16/11/2020 BUNCE, Damian Richard Suicide
16/11/2020 16/11/2020 GANDHI, Rameshchandra Accident
16/11/2020 16/11/2020 GREENWOOD, John Ryan Misadventure
16/11/2020 16/11/2020 PRICE, Johanna Catherine Accident
17/11/2020 17/11/2020 TURNBULL, Michael Michael TURNBULL died at Royal Blackburn Hospital on 21 March 2019 from a natural cause of death to which a contributing factor was the injuries he sustained in a Road Traffic Collision on 28 February 2018
19/11/2020 19/11/2020 SAYNOR, Elizabeth Monica Road traffic collision
19/11/2020 19/11/2020 THOMPSON, Annette Accident
19/11/2020 19/11/2020 WIGNALL, David David WIGNALL died at Royal Preston Hospital on 31.10.20 from an infection having been previously exposed to asbestos at some time during his working life.
19/11/2020 19/11/2020 WRIGHT, Peter Suicide
23/11/2020 23/11/2020 CLEGG, Maureen Maureen CLEGG died at Royal Blackburn Hospital on 17th August 2019. She had been admitted to hospital suffering from right leg ischaemia which was treated by essential surgery. At some stage she developed a wound infection which did not respond to medication or further surgery.
24/11/2020 24/11/2020 FLOOD, Harry Misadventure
24/11/2020 24/11/2020 ROWE, Connor Patrick Alan Road traffic collision
25/11/2020 25/11/2020 AKHTAR, Shamin Mrs AKHTAR died as a result of a catastrophic bleed into the brain. The exact cause could not be identified as her history predisposed her to spontaneous bleeding and further there had been a traumatic event in the hours prior to her presentation.
25/11/2020 25/11/2020 MASON, Gilbert Mr MASON died as a result of a catastrophic haemorrhagic stroke on the background of acute on chronic subdural haematoma brought about by repeated minor head traumas.
26/11/2020 26/11/2020 BEST, Ann Ann BEST died in Royal Blackburn Hospital on 14 February 2020 following a left sided osteoporotic hip fracture on 18- 19 January 2020 which, combined with her other illnesses, led to her death.
26/11/2020 26/11/2020 BROGDEN, Luke Christopher Suicide
26/11/2020 26/11/2020 MOORE, Lindsey Rebecca Lindsey Rebecca MOORE died at Royal Blackburn Hospital on 16/12/2019 from a severe asthma attack precipitated by her taking unprescribed Propranolol.
26/11/2020 26/11/2020 PHILLIPS, Joan Marjorie Joan Marjorie PHILLIPS died on 8th June 2020 at Ormskirk District General Hospital with a history of oesophageal carcinoma. She suffered an unwitnessed fall on 16th April 2020 for which surgery was performed on 18th April 2020. Following surgery her health deteriorated in part due to an infection and reduced nutrition
26/11/2020 26/11/2020 WILKINSON, Melanie Drug related death
27/11/2020 27/11/2020 ASHWORTH, Dorothy Accident
27/11/2020 27/11/2020 HOLDEN, Dorothy Accident
27/11/2020 27/11/2020 JACKSON, Mabel Accident
30/11/2020 02/12/2020 CARROLL, Christopher Natural causes
30/11/2020 30/11/2020 CHAPMAN, Peter Lambert Drug related death
30/11/2020 30/11/2020 CUNNINGHAM, Patrick Accident
30/11/2020 30/11/2020 KENYON, Albert Edward Accident
30/11/2020 30/11/2020 RAZAQ, Mohammed Accident
01/12/2020 01/12/2020 BOYES, Alan Natural
01/12/2020 01/12/2020 DODDRELL, Ashley Albert Suicide
01/12/2020 01/12/2020 HEALD, Eric Natural
01/12/2020 03/12/2020 PETER, Nicola Jane Misadventure
02/12/2020 02/12/2020 PILKINGTON, Michael Joseph Michael Joseph PILKINGTON died at Royal Blackburn Hospital on 14th August 2019 from an infection following an unwitnessed fall at his home on 8th July 2019 which had rendered him paraplegic
02/12/2020 02/12/2020 SANDERSON, Moyra Margaret Moyra Margaret SANDERSON died on 27th July 2018 at Royal Blackburn Hospital from a haemorrhaged ulcer. Whilst prescribed Naproxen she was not prescribed an inhibitor
03/12/2020 03/12/2020 DAVIS, Colin Colin DAVIS was admitted to Blackpool Victoria Hospital following a fall on 2nd November 2020. Suffering from a number of co-morbidities he died at Royal Preston Hospital from an infection on 20th November 2020
03/12/2020 03/12/2020 DONALDSON, Alexander James Open
03/12/2020 03/12/2020 GARDNER, Rosina Cherry Road traffic collision
03/12/2020 03/12/2020 McGARRY, James Alexander Wilson Misadventure
03/12/2020 03/12/2020 SALISBURY, Lynn Olwyn Alcohol related death
03/12/2020 03/12/2020 SMITH, Susan Lesley Susan Lesley SMITH died on 13th October 2020 at her home from a condition closely associated with exposure to asbestos although when where and how that occurred could not be ascertained.
03/12/2020 03/12/2020 STICKLE, Eric Daniel Suicide
04/12/2020 04/12/2020 REILLY, Christopher Peter Drug related death
07/12/2020 07/12/2020 LLOYD, Trevor Alcohol related death
07/12/2020 07/12/2020 MEYLER, Derek Harold Accident
08/12/2020 08/12/2020 BROADBENT, Jean Elizabeth Natural causes
08/12/2020 08/12/2020 GIRDLESTONE, Robert Michael Robert Michael GIRDLESTONE died of natural causes
09/12/2020 09/12/2020 STREET, Paul Charles James Accident
10/12/2020 10/12/2020 FITZGERALD, Michael Natural causes
10/12/2020 10/12/2020 JAROS, Michal Piotr Suicide
10/12/2020 10/12/2020 KELLY, Joseph Anthony Suicide
10/12/2020 10/12/2020 LITTLE, Roy William Natural
10/12/2020 10/12/2020 PERKIN, Paul Francis Road traffic collision
10/12/2020 10/12/2020 TENNANT, Eric Alcohol related death
14/12/2020 14/12/2020 GREGSON, Eric Joseph Industrial Disease
14/12/2020 14/12/2020 HAWORTH, Marie Louise Accident
14/12/2020 14/12/2020 MORLEY, Janet Elizabeth Accident
14/12/2020 14/12/2020 SMITH, Andrew Drug related death
14/12/2020 14/12/2020 WARREN, Kathleen Accident
15/12/2020 15/12/2020 BIBBY, Alan George Alan George BIBBY died on 29 September 2020 at his home address due to Chronic obstructive airways disease and pharmalogical respiratory depression
15/12/2020 15/12/2020 MCMINN, Helen Accidental death
15/12/2020 15/12/2020 WALTON, James Paul Drug related death
15/12/2020 15/12/2020 WHITTAM, Joseph Gregory Suicide
16/12/2020 16/12/2020 MEARS, Daniel Reed Suicide
22/12/2020 22/12/2020 BRADWELL, Benjamin John Drug and alcohol related death
22/12/2020 22/12/2020 CALLAN, William Aidan William Aiden CALLAN died on the 18th March 2020 at Royal Blackburn Hospital from an infection following bladder surgery undertaken on the 9th March 2020 which is a known complication of the procedure
22/12/2020 22/12/2020 DEMAINE, Jill Misadventure
22/12/2020 22/12/2020 FAGAN, Brian Industrial disease
22/12/2020 22/12/2020 HARGREAVES, Gillian Gillian HARGREAVES died on 4th November 2020 at Royal Blackburn Hospital from the effects of a collapse at her home on 31st October 2020 rendering her immobile until she was found on 2nd November 2020
22/12/2020 22/12/2020 JOHNSON, Philip Drug related death
22/12/2020 22/12/2020 LITTLE, Muriel Industrial disease
22/12/2020 22/12/2020 MURRAY, Pamela Misadventure
22/12/2020 22/12/2020 WOOD, Donald Accident
04/01/2021 08/01/2021 FRENCH, Michael Horsfall Mr FRENCH died as a result of a complication of collapse and long lie. The exact cause of the collapse is unidentified.
04/01/2021 04/01/2021 HARDIE, Elsie Accident
04/01/2021 04/01/2021 HOLMES, Sheila Marsh Accident
04/01/2021 04/01/2021 MARKHAM, Anthony Paul Industrial Disease
04/01/2021 04/01/2021 WILLIAMS, Luke Dominic Suicide
06/01/2021 06/01/2021 BEGUM, Bashir Road Traffic Collision
06/01/2021 06/01/2021 BLAKE, David Ernest Road traffic collision
06/01/2021 06/01/2021 MARTINDALE, Andrew Natural causes
07/01/2021 07/01/2021 ASHURST, Christopher Drug related death
07/01/2021 07/01/2021 ETCHELLS, Matthew Brian Accidental death
07/01/2021 07/01/2021 KENNEDY, Alistair John Drug related death
07/01/2021 07/01/2021 SCOTT, Phillip Sydney Suicide
07/01/2021 07/01/2021 WEST, Christopher John Industrial Disease
07/01/2021 07/01/2021 WORTHINGTON, Margaret Accidental death
11/01/2021 11/01/2021 CADEN, Anthony James Accident
11/01/2021 11/01/2021 CLARKE, James Robert Suicide
11/01/2021 11/01/2021 DARLINGTON, Lawrence Melville Suicide
11/01/2021 11/01/2021 MACLEOD, John Mr MACLEOD died as a result of bleeding into the brain caused by elevated anticoagulation factors, due to treatment for atrial fibrillation. A haemorrhagic stroke led to the fall from bed and a further bleed onto the brain.
11/01/2021 11/01/2021 MCCLINTON, David Accident
11/01/2021 12/01/2021 STANTON, Jonathan James Natural causes
11/01/2021 11/01/2021 TAUBMAN, Jannifer Mrs TAUBMAN died as a result of injuries sustained during a seizure.
13/01/2021 13/01/2021 BROWN, Alexander Alexander BROWN fell on 4 November 2020 at his home address fracturing his left clavicle and subsequently deteriorate due to Covid pneumonia and his underlying pancreatic cancer
13/01/2021 13/01/2021 KELLY, Scott Lee Misadventure
14/01/2021 14/01/2021 BURGMANS, Paul David Drug related death
14/01/2021 14/01/2021 INGHAM, Helen Accidental death
14/01/2021 14/01/2021 JEFFERSON, Lawrence Frederick Lawrence Frederick JEFFERSON died at Royal Blackburn Hospital on 15th November 2020 from an infection following an unwitnessed fall at his home on 18th September 2020 following which he was hospitalised
14/01/2021 14/01/2021 MILLINGTON, Kathleen Nora Accidental death
14/01/2021 14/01/2021 PARKINSON, Maureen Accidental death
15/01/2021 15/01/2021 FAULKNER, Cameron Suicide
15/01/2021 15/01/2021 HALLWELL, Jacqueline Olive Drug related death
15/01/2021 15/01/2021 HENSHAW, John Arthur Accidental death
18/01/2021 18/01/2021 ASBURY, Henry Charles Henry Charles ASBURY died at his care home on 13th April 2020 as a result of his dementia following a fall on 26th March 2020 resulting in a fractured neck of femur which was operated upon on 28th March 2020
18/01/2021 18/01/2021 BUCKINGHAM, Dean Michael Natural
18/01/2021 22/01/2021 ROULT, Greg Anthony Result of near drowning, insufficient supervision and inadequate medical care
18/01/2021 18/01/2021 SUNTER, Freda Freda SUNTER who suffered from frailty of old age died at her care home on 11th November 2020 from an existing kidney injury having been diagnosed with a fractured neck of femur of unknown origin which was operated upon on 10th October 2020
18/01/2021 18/01/2021 WHITTAKER, David Andrew Accidental death
19/01/2021 19/01/2021 ANDERS, Colin Suicide
21/01/2021 21/01/2021 BURT, Thomas Malone Misadventure
21/01/2021 21/01/2021 EAVES, Thomas Hugh Suicide
21/01/2021 21/01/2021 GREENWOOD, Frederick Industrial Disease
21/01/2021 21/01/2021 MCNAMARA, Damian Patrick Road Traffic Collision
21/01/2021 21/01/2021 O'BRIEN, Michael Drug related death
21/01/2021 21/01/2021 ROOK, Agnes Accidental death
21/01/2021 21/01/2021 SULLIVAN, Paul Francis Suicide
21/01/2021 21/01/2021 WATERTON, Sharon Gaile Natural
25/01/2021 25/01/2021 ASPEY, David James Accidental death
25/01/2021 25/01/2021 LINGARD, John Asa Gavin Misadventure
25/01/2021 25/01/2021 PRESTON, Michael James Suicide
26/01/2021 26/01/2021 DYSON, Pauline Natural
26/01/2021 26/01/2021 MURRAY, Bernard Edwin Accidental death
26/01/2021 26/01/2021 MUSA, Valli Mohmed Accidental death
26/01/2021 26/01/2021 OTOO, Christine Louise Christine Louise OTOO died on 26th October 2020 at her home having suspended herself by the neck although it has not been possible to determine her intentions at the time
27/01/2021 27/01/2021 BROWNE, Kevin John Industrial Disease
27/01/2021 27/01/2021 SWALLOW, Richard Michael Mr SWALLOW died as a result of his underlying complicated medical conditions on a background of a traumatic fracture following an unwitnessed fall at home.
27/01/2021 27/01/2021 WILLIAMSON, Andrew Suicide
28/01/2021 28/01/2021 SHEPHERD, Antonia Marie Road traffic collision
28/01/2021 28/01/2021 WOODHEAD, Nicholas Gavin Misadventure
01/02/2021 01/02/2021 ETHELL, Michael Natural
01/02/2021 01/02/2021 GYARMATI, Tamás Suicide
01/02/2021 01/02/2021 HUSSAIN, Nimra Suicide
02/02/2021 02/02/2021 WESTWELL, Christine Road traffic collision
03/02/2021 03/02/2021 HARDCASTLE, Paul Philip Road Traffic Collision
03/02/2021 03/02/2021 KELLY, Anthony Joseph Natural causes
03/02/2021 03/02/2021 TOULMIN, Francis Mr TOULMIN died as a result of heart failure on the background of a significant traumatic injury.
04/02/2021 04/02/2021 CORNISH, Nicholas Vincent Misadventure
04/02/2021 04/02/2021 RAWES, Paul Gerard Natural
04/02/2021 04/02/2021 ROSE, Dorothy Accidental death
04/02/2021 04/02/2021 ROWLANDS, Sean Benjamin Misadventure
04/02/2021 04/02/2021 WALL, John Edward Accidental death
05/02/2021 05/02/2021 CRANKSHAW, Valerie Jo Valerie Jo CRANKSHAW died of natural causes
05/02/2021 05/02/2021 JOSEPH, Benney Alcohol related death
05/02/2021 05/02/2021 MCCULLOCH, Tracey Suicide
05/02/2021 05/02/2021 WHITBY, Carole Ann Drug related death
08/02/2021 08/02/2021 ATTWOOD, Jonathan James Misadventure
08/02/2021 08/02/2021 BONA, Michael Suicide
08/02/2021 08/02/2021 HOWE, Mervyn Accidental death
08/02/2021 08/02/2021 MASTERTON, Margaret Elizabeth Industrial disease
08/02/2021 10/02/2021 MCPHEE, Scott Kyle Scott McPhee died due to reasons that remain unclear, after becoming unwell and agitated as a result of taking synthetic cannabinoids and after leaving hospital before receiving medical assistance 
08/02/2021 08/02/2021 MITCHELL, Belindi Natural causes
08/02/2021 08/02/2021 MOORE, John David Quintin Accidental death
08/02/2021 08/02/2021 PARSONS, Neil Frank Accidental
08/02/2021 08/02/2021 QUIGLEY, Michael Patrick Drug related death
08/02/2021 08/02/2021 TARRANT, Grahame Suicide
08/02/2021 08/02/2021 WILLIAMS, Lorna Vanessa Natural
09/02/2021 09/02/2021 COOKSON, Graham Suicide
09/02/2021 09/02/2021 TATUM, Lorraine Elizabeth Suicide
10/02/2021 10/02/2021 BOWYER, Karan Louise Misadventure
10/02/2021 11/02/2021 MCKINLAY, Gillian Elizabeth Gillian Elizabeth MCKINLAY died at Royal Blackburn Hospital on 23 April 2018. Her death was caused by an incarcerated left femoral hernia and aspiration pneumonia and contributed to by failing to site a nasogastric tube and inadequate clinical review and treatment by A & E department staff
11/02/2021 11/02/2021 LOFTHOUSE, David Accidental death
12/02/2021 12/02/2021 DEAN, Doreen Industrial disease
12/02/2021 12/02/2021 SHACKLETON, Edward Mr SHACKLETON died as a result of a rare but recognised complication of ileostomy reversal, which in turn was required because of injuries he had sustained in a road traffic collision.
16/02/2021 16/02/2021 DAVIS, John William Misadventure
16/02/2021 16/02/2021 HALPIN, Kerry Danielle Kerry Danielle HALPIN died on 1 November 2019 at Royal Preston Hospital due to an undiagnosed Basilar artery stroke
16/02/2021 16/02/2021 LYNCH, Andrew Gerald Misadventure
17/02/2021 17/02/2021 BRETHERTON, Arnold Mr Bretherton died as a result of a rare but recognised complication of antibiotic treatment, prescribed in line with national guidelines.
17/02/2021 17/02/2021 HUNTER, Audrey Ellen Audrey Ellen HUNTER died on 27th March 2019 at Southport District General Hospital, Southport from a head trauma. How that was sustained could not be ascertained
18/02/2021 18/02/2021 BURTON, Diane Hoggarth Natural
18/02/2021 24/02/2021 CLEGG, Ivan Open
18/02/2021 18/02/2021 DONALDSON, Andrew Roderick Suicide
18/02/2021 18/02/2021 FISHER, Margaret Lillian Ann Accidental death
18/02/2021 18/02/2021 HARRISON, Lawrence Albert Lawrence Albert HARRISON died at Royal Lancaster Infirmary on 15th October 2020 from an infection following a fall causing a head injury at his nursing home on 31st August 2020
18/02/2021 18/02/2021 HOWARTH, John Barry John Barry HOWARTH died on 1st February 2021 at his home from an infection following significant injuries sustained in a road traffic collision when he was struck by a vehicle as he rode his bicycle in Thornton in Craven in 1988
18/02/2021 18/02/2021 REDPATH, Dean Alan Drug related death
18/02/2021 18/02/2021 WILDING, John John WILDING died at Royal Preston Hospital on 18th December 2020 from an infection having been exposed to asbestos during his working life
19/02/2021 19/02/2021 BEE, Heather Karen Suicide
19/02/2021 19/02/2021 MAKINSON, Malcolm industrial disease
19/02/2021 19/02/2021 THOMAS, Joanne Lee Accidental death
19/02/2021 19/02/2021 WOOD, Kelly Louise Drug related death
22/02/2021 22/02/2021 CADDEN, John Paul Mr CADDEN died as a result of natural causes on the background of a traumatic head injury.
22/02/2021 22/02/2021 DIGGLE, Francis Road Traffic Collision
22/02/2021 22/02/2021 SMITH, Brian Accidental death
23/02/2021 23/02/2021 MEDLEY, Frank Charles Frank Charles MEDLEY died of natural causes
24/02/2021 24/02/2021 BAGOT, Paul Edward Dean Drug related death
24/02/2021 24/02/2021 BAINES, Roy Suicide
24/02/2021 24/02/2021 BAXENDALE, Winifred Accident
24/02/2021 24/02/2021 BERESFORD, Shaun Anthony Drug related death
24/02/2021 24/02/2021 DICKINSON, Brian Accident
24/02/2021 24/02/2021 VAN BOYD, Olivia Dawn Suicide
26/02/2021 26/03/2021 ARMSTRONG, Anthony Lawerence Misadventure
01/03/2021 01/03/2021 BLEACKLEY, Dorothy Accident
01/03/2021 01/03/2021 GARDNER, Gloria Mrs GARDNER died as a result of the effects of a long lie after an unidentified event led to her being found on the floor at home.
01/03/2021 01/03/2021 GEE, Paul Andrew Drug related death
01/03/2021 01/03/2021 LUND, Margaret Elizabeth Suicide
01/03/2021 01/03/2021 PROCTOR, David Anthony Misadventure
01/03/2021 01/03/2021 WATKINSON, David John Suicide
02/03/2021 02/03/2021 BRANNELLY, Matthew Misadventure
02/03/2021 02/03/2021 CORNER, David Suicide
02/03/2021 02/03/2021 FARRELL, Myra Jane Accidental death
02/03/2021 02/03/2021 WOODS, Paul Anthony Misadventure
03/03/2021 03/03/2021 HODGKINSON, Wendy Mrs HODGKINSON died as a result of a recognised complication of reduced mobility following an elective surgical procedure.
03/03/2021 03/03/2021 MAYERS, Andrew Thomas Drug related death
04/03/2021 04/03/2021 BROADHURST, Irene Industrial disease
04/03/2021 04/03/2021 FOSTER, George Brett George Brett FOSTER died on 1st November 2020 near his home having ingested an excess of medication, however it has not been possible to determine his intent at the time
04/03/2021 04/03/2021 HARRISON, Janette Misadventure
04/03/2021 04/03/2021 KIRKBY, Robert Drug and alcohol related death
04/03/2021 04/03/2021 SUMMERS, Ian George Saville Ian George Saville SUMMERS died on 24th November 2020 at his home from a condition closely associated with asbestos exposure however where and when any exposure occurred could not be more accurately determined
05/03/2021 05/03/2021 WOOD, Gareth Road Traffic Collision
08/03/2021 08/03/2021 SMALE, Annie Road traffic collision
09/03/2021 09/03/2021 HOEY, Tracy Suicide
09/03/2021 09/03/2021 TIMMS, Jeffrey Industrial disease
09/03/2021 09/03/2021 YULE, Contance Accident
10/03/2021 10/03/2021 ASHWORTH, Peter James Drug related death
10/03/2021 10/03/2021 MAGGS, Maurice Harold Accidental death
11/03/2021 11/03/2021 ALLEN, Keith Road Traffic Collision
11/03/2021 11/03/2021 FRY, Roy Thomas Industrial disease
11/03/2021 11/03/2021 HILL, Harold Industrial Disease
11/03/2021 11/03/2021 KARRI, Rama Krishna Reddy Accidental death
11/03/2021 11/03/2021 KOSCIW, Eugene Suicide
11/03/2021 11/03/2021 RIPLEY, Henry Accidental death
12/03/2021 12/03/2021 BURY, Darren Diagnosed with haemophilia aged one and contracted hepatitis C through necessary blood transfusion treatment, which led to cirrhosis of the liver, compounded by alcohol misuse. This led to chronic liver failure resulting in collapse and admission on 7th June to Royal Preston Hospital. Scan showed broken ribs and no brain bleed. The liver failure caused damage to other organs resulting in death on 15th June 2020.
12/03/2021 12/03/2021 COLLISON, Alfred Accident
12/03/2021 12/03/2021 TAYLOR, Carol Elizabeth Natural causes
15/03/2021 15/03/2021 DOBSON, Yvonne Accident
15/03/2021 15/03/2021 MCDONALD, Roy Accidental death
15/03/2021 15/03/2021 PARKER, James Misadventure
16/03/2021 16/03/2021 ASPIN, David Accidental death
16/03/2021 16/03/2021 DUNNE, Stacey Lee Suicide
16/03/2021 16/03/2021 ECCLESTON, James Suicide
16/03/2021 17/03/2021 JONES, Kevin James Kevin James Jones died on 29 October 2018 at Chorley District Hospital from a self-inflicted 20 cm laceration to his neck. Insufficient guidance for alcohol withdrawal, lack of clinical appreciation of the severity of Kevin's condition and multiple missed opportunities to involve specialist clinicians were responsible for Kevin being undermedicated and acting completely out of character.
17/03/2021 17/03/2021 MOORE, Andrew James Andrew James MOORE died at Royal Blackburn Hospital on 11th April 2020 from an infection following a period of hospitalization after sustaining a head injury in a fall at his home on 17th February 2020
17/03/2021 17/03/2021 SERGEANT, Maria Joyce Natural Causes
18/03/2021 18/03/2021 ALLEN, Gwendolen Mary Accidental death
18/03/2021 18/03/2021 EVANS, Marjorie Natural
18/03/2021 18/03/2021 HOLLIDAY, Norman Leslie Drug related death
18/03/2021 18/03/2021 PEEL, Stuart Natural
18/03/2021 18/03/2021 SMITH, Stephen Phillip Road traffic collision
19/03/2021 19/03/2021 BOFFEY, Neil John Misadventure
19/03/2021 19/03/2021 GREENWOOD, James Andrew Drug related
19/03/2021 19/03/2021 JONES, Amy Danielle Drug related
22/03/2021 22/03/2021 POLLARD, Irene Miss POLLARD died as a result of natural causes on the background of injuries sustained during an unwitnessed fall.
22/03/2021 29/03/2021 THOMAS, Imre Paul Imre Paul THOMAS died by misadventure
22/03/2021 22/03/2021 WARD, Jonathan William Accident
22/03/2021 23/03/2021 WOODWARD, Matthew John Suicide
23/03/2021 23/03/2021 HALTON, Neil Thomas Accident
23/03/2021 23/03/2021 MACADAM, James Edward Dougal Accident
24/03/2021 24/03/2021 DUNN, Steven Accident
25/03/2021 26/03/2021 CHESTER, Harry Open
29/03/2021 29/03/2021 BENTHAM, John Nathan Mr BENTHAM died as a result of natural causes on the background of industrial disease. 
29/03/2021 29/03/2021 CHADWICK, Brett Anthony Drug related death
29/03/2021 29/03/2021 CUFFE, Seamus Stephen Drug related death
29/03/2021 29/03/2021 GIBSON, John Noel Mr GIBSON died as a result of natural causes on the background of industrial disease.
29/03/2021 29/03/2021 KELLET, Margaret Accident
29/03/2021 29/03/2021 LEEPER, Pauline Diane Industrial disease
29/03/2021 29/03/2021 SIMPSON, Ronald Accident
29/03/2021 29/03/2021 SMITH, Joseph Adrian Suicide
30/03/2021 30/03/2021 MOLYNEUX, Philip Ian Drug related death
30/03/2021 30/03/2021 MORT, Helen Misadventure
30/03/2021 30/03/2021 RIGBY, John William Alcohol related death
31/03/2021 31/03/2021 ASPIN, Tina Louise Suicide
31/03/2021 31/03/2021 DESPARD, Derek Joseph Mr DESPARD died as a result of a rare, but recognised complication of emergency surgery.
31/03/2021 31/03/2021 ELLERTON, Simon Lee Suicide
01/04/2021 01/04/2021 JENNINGS, Alan Lee Road Traffic Collision
06/04/2021 07/04/2021 HART, Peter Peter HART died as a consequence of complications arising out of a stroke in prison, contributed to by neglect in failing to appropriately monitor his blood pressure or provide treatment for the same.
06/04/2021 06/04/2021 LANE, Jean Accidental death
06/04/2021 06/04/2021 LIVESEY, Damian Andrew Suicide
06/04/2021 06/04/2021 SLATER, Susan Ann Suicide
06/04/2021 06/04/2021 SMYTH, Marjorie Marjorie SMYTH died at Royal Blackburn Hospital on 16th December 2020 from a known complication of essential heart surgery
06/04/2021 06/04/2021 WEBSTER, Mary Mary WEBSTER who was frail and suffered from a number of co morbidities died at Royal Preston Hospital on 10th August 2020. Her peripheral vascular disease had resulted in an essential amputation of her left leg which had become infected
07/04/2021 07/04/2021 BALCOMBE, Geoffrey Robert Accidental death
08/04/2021 08/04/2021 SIMS, Lee Charles Suicide
08/04/2021 08/04/2021 TALBOT, Christopher Misadventure
09/04/2021 09/04/2021 BLEASDALE, William Mr BLEASDALE died as a result of natural causes on a background of a complex clinical picture with traumatic intracranial bleeding.
09/04/2021 09/04/2021 BRADLEY, Caroline Pearl Misadventure
09/04/2021 09/04/2021 CUMMINGS, Andrew Robert Accident
12/04/2021 12/04/2021 CORLESS, Doreen Doreen CORLESS died at Royal Lancaster Infirmary on 23rd February 2021 from frailty of old age following a fall at her care home on 21st February 2021 resulting in a fractured neck of femur which required an operation on 22nd February 2021
12/04/2021 12/04/2021 DUNN, Neula Sharon Suicide
12/04/2021 19/04/2021 MCMULLAN, David Between 8am and 9:11am on 30th October 2018, David MCMULLAN hanged himself in cell E/1/11 at HMP Garth, using a ligature made with a torn bedsheet attached to his neck and a TV bracket fixed to the cell wall.
13/04/2021 13/04/2021 LYNCH, Kevin Paul Accidental death
15/04/2021 15/04/2021 NICHOLSON, Rowland Christopher Rowland Christopher NICHOLSON died at the Royal Infirmary Lancaster on 27th January 2021 from an infection following a series of falls both in and out of hospital
15/04/2021 15/04/2021 O'NEILL, Ann Marie Natural
15/04/2021 15/04/2021 ROSS, Yvonne Accidental death
15/04/2021 15/04/2021 TODD, Ciaran Peter Natural
15/04/2021 15/04/2021 WARBURTON, Francis David Suicide
16/04/2021 16/04/2021 BROWNE, Thomas James Drug related
16/04/2021 16/04/2021 DAVIES, Lorraine Lorraine DAVIES was a 60 year old lady who was blind and who had been alcohol dependent for a number of years. She was reluctant to engage with anyone who she believed would impact on her independence and in particular her consumption of alcohol. In 2018 she persuaded her social worker to find her accommodation that provided her with a greater degree of independence and in December 2018 she moved into Kirk House, Accrington. A care package was put in place. Her family raised serious concern about the move. By the 7th January 2019 concerns were raised to her social worker that Mrs Davies was refusing support at most visits and was drinking more alcohol than eating. In April 2018 she was admitted to hospital and a safeguarding alert found self-neglect evident that was to be addressed through the discharge planning process. The family again raised serious concerns in writing. Following discharge back to Kirk House numerous opportunities to implement a risk assessment, to elevate concerns and to review the care plan were missed. Nothing changed between the 2nd May and 29th August in terms of the care plan. On 29th August following a further missed opportunity the elevate concerns an ambulance was called and Lorraine DAVIES was immediately taken to hospital where she was treated until the 15th September 2019 when she died.
16/04/2021 16/04/2021 FORREST, Andrew Natural causes contributed to by neglect
16/04/2021 16/04/2021 SOUTHWORTH, Adrian Adrian SOUTHWORTH was found deceased in the Leeds and Liverpool Canal on the 27th February 2020 having left his home address around midnight on the 26th February. He had consumed a quantity of alcohol and medical and entered the canal in a manner that was not witnessed.
19/04/2021 19/04/2021 DOHERTY , Abigail Suicide
19/04/2021 19/04/2021 EDMONDSON, Jeanne Margaret Accident
19/04/2021 19/04/2021 MARTIN, Bernard Ainsley Bernard Ainsley MARTIN died at Burnley General Hospital on 7th December 2020 from an infection following a fracture of his femur in his care home most likely as a result of bone deterioration.
19/04/2021 19/04/2021 PIMBLETT, Catherine Duff Natural Causes
20/04/2021 20/04/2021 CLARK, Lena Alva Accident
20/04/2021 20/04/2021 CLIFTON, Sheila Dorothy Mrs CLIFTON died as a result of multiple post-operative complications following an elective knee replacement which depleted her physiological reserve.
21/04/2021 21/04/2021 BRADLEY, Sean Anthony Suicide
21/04/2021 21/04/2021 BURNIE, Rhiann Marie Suicide whilst under the influence of alcohol
22/04/2021 22/04/2021 BOARDMAN, Ronald Ronald BOARDMAN was admitted to Royal Blackburn Hospital on 21st March 2020 for treatment of an exacerbation of his severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. After recovering, Ronald BOARDMAN fell in the late evening of 27th March 2020 whilst leaving his bed that would have been prevented if the bed rails in his care plan had been in place. Ronald BOARDMAN had a post operative exacerbation of his severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and died at Royal Blackburn Hospital on 31st March 2020.
22/04/2021 22/04/2021 ELLIS, Ethel Accidental death
22/04/2021 22/04/2021 IRELAND, John John IRELAND died on 27th December 2020 at Royal Blackburn Hospital from an infection having been exposed to asbestos during his working life
23/04/2021 23/04/2021 EVANS, Kevin Lee Drug related death
23/04/2021 23/04/2021 FARNWORTH, John Mr FARNWORTH died as a result of the depletion of his physiological reserve following a suspected spinal cord compression due to vertebral compression fractures which led to immobility, which in turn caused chest infections and the development of significant pressure ulcers. This was compounded by a reduced oral intake further sapping his reserve.
23/04/2021 23/04/2021 RIGBY, David Mr RIGBY died following recurrent opportunistic infections following cardiac surgery, resulting in a substantially weakened condition.
26/04/2021 26/04/2021 LUND, Barry Shaun Barry Shaun LUND died at Royal Blackburn Hospital on 9th April 2020 from an infection following a fall at his home on 29th March 2020 which required surgery undertaken on 30th March 2020
26/04/2021 26/04/2021 TAYLOR, James James TAYLOR died at Royal Blackburn Hospital on 13th March 2020 having been found unresponsive at his home on 2nd March 2020. He died from an infection having ingested a coin which had perforated his bowel. How that had occurred could not be ascertained.
27/04/2021 27/04/2021 HINDLE, Karen Tracey Drug related death
27/04/2021 27/04/2021 HOUGHTON, Carla Anne Carla Anne HOUGHTON died at her home on 29th December 2018 as a result of her coronary artery disease. Whilst she underwent a General Practitioner consultation and examination at the surgery on 28th December 2018 no hospital referral was made.
27/04/2021 27/04/2021 WOOD, Adrian Charles Mr WOOD died as a result of complications of his complex pre-existing medical conditions with the additional stresses of the effects of a traumatic femur fracture, which taken on an already weakened system led to his death.
28/04/2021 28/04/2021 BEATTIE, Lynne Drug related death
28/04/2021 28/04/2021 COWARD, Valerie Valerie COWARD died on 01 May 2020 at Royal Blackburn Hospital after a Whipple's operation for a hepatobiliary carcinoma and was complicated by a yeast infection causing multi organ failure.
28/04/2021 28/04/2021 MATHEWSON, Joyce Sarah Accidental death
28/04/2021 28/04/2021 PAYNE, Shaughn Drug related death
28/04/2021 28/04/2021 TURNER, Gail Elizabeth Drug related death
29/04/2021 29/04/2021 EMMETT, Jack Paul Suicide
29/04/2021 29/04/2021 PEARSON, Robert Leslie Accidental death
29/04/2021 29/04/2021 STEWART, Edward Accidental death
29/04/2021 29/04/2021 YEO, Anthony Suicide
30/04/2021 30/04/2021 HAYDOCK, Ian Misadventure
30/04/2021 30/04/2021 PATEL, Niraj Rasikbhai Mr PATEL died as a result of an identified and recognised risk, which due to a lack of communication or specific guidance was not managed as expected such that risks such as volume of food and quantity were not monitored fully.
30/04/2021 30/04/2021 WAINE, Michael Leonard Suicide
04/05/2021 04/05/2021 FLAVELL, Carole Ann Carole FLAVELL died as a consequence of sepsis arising out of a wound infection in her heel, contributed to by a 9 day gap in wound care by the District Nursing Team
04/05/2021 04/05/2021 VARLEY, John John VARLEY died on 23rd April 2020 at The Sands Nursing and Retirement Home, Morecambe from frailty of old age having suffered a series of falls.
05/05/2021 05/05/2021 GADD, Donna Suicide
05/05/2021 05/05/2021 PILKINGTON, Susan Natural
This is the only information that can be provided at this time. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any additional information other than what is on the Court List. Please note inquests can be changed at the last minute, please check before attending.