UK Youth Parliament

Members of Youth Parliament 2018-19

Voting closed on 15 March 2018.

Soon we will announce who will be your Members of Youth Parliament, representing Lancashire in the UK Youth Parliament.

Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs)

There are nationally over 300 elected Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs). The elected MYPs from Lancashire regularly travel all over the country to meet with other MYPs both from the North West and the UK to discuss issue, debate policies and plan events for young people across the UK.

MYPs attend events such as national debates, government consultations, training days and planning events to share their ideas and work. They speak to Ministers, including the Prime Minister, about issues and policies that concern them.

Each year the MYP meet together to debate issues that affect young people in the Houses of Commons, from these debates the MYPs vote for the issue that will become the national campaign for that year.

The UK Youth Parliament is run by the British Youth Council (BYC) and is the only organisation in the UK which gives young people a chance to be elected by other young people.

More information

If you want to talk about UK Youth Parliament contact or attend your local Youth Council for more information.