About Youth Zone

We work with young people aged 12-19 across Lancashire.

We are part of the Wellbeing, Prevention and Early Help Service which enables children and families to access appropriate support as early as possible, to help them maintain their quality of life, prevent any problems getting worse and reduce the demand for specialist support services.

Wellbeing is where we will work to improve the social, environmental and economic impact to improve outcomes for children, young people and their families.

Prevention is where we will provide information and signpost children, young people, parents and families to support that is available through universal services and community based organisations. 

Early Help is where we will provide direct support to help children, young people, parents and families improve their outcomes.

At the Young People's Service as well as providing our own programme of activities, we also work with other organisations to provide diverse and interesting things for young people to do. We work in various locations which includes a network of youth zones and young people’s centres across Lancashire.

Information for parents

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