Walking and cycling


A total of 85.1% of residents in the Lancashire-12 area stated that they had one or more continuous walks for at least 10 minutes over the past month. The percentage who did not walk this distance was 18.5% in Hyndburn and 18.2% in Blackpool. Ribble Valley was the only Lancashire authority with an estimated walking rate of above 90%.

Five Lancashire authorities were estimated to have cycling rates that were equivalent to or ahead of the national average of 14.7%. Lancaster recorded 21.8%, whilst the figure for South Ribble was 19.6%. Cycling rates vary quite noticeably across Lancashire, falling below 10% in the East Lancashire authorities of Burnley, Rossendale and Blackburn with Darwen and also in the West Lancashire district.

In 2015, Lancashire County Council requested some additional data from the Department for Transport regarding walking frequencies by various age-groups (table 2).
For all people aged over two years in Lancashire-12, a total of 40.2% stated that they walked for 20 minutes or more, three times a week. A substantial 20% walked this distance less than once a year or never.

For people aged 70 or over, 27.6% stated that they walked 20 minutes for three or more times a week, but 45.4% were in the less than once a year or never category. This lowest walking frequency category accounted for around 14% of respondents aged between two and 59 years.

Further analysis

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