Your health and wellbeing  

Memory loss

Advice if you or someone you know are experiencing memory problems or changes in behaviour.


Information, advice and services to help you live well with dementia or care for someone with dementia.

Health checks

Free health checks for people aged 40-74.

Be active and eat well

Advice and services to reduce your risk of illness by being active and eating well.

Stop smoking

Advice and services to help you quit smoking.

Alcohol and drug misuse

Advice and specialist help with drug or alcohol problems.

How to keep cool this summer

Advice for looking after yourself and others during hot weather periods.

Healthy babies

Advice and services to help your baby have a healthy start.

Sexual health

Advice about safe sex and sexual health services.

Mental health

Advice and resources to help you cope and feel good.

Cancer prevention

Advice and services you help you prevent or successfully treat cancer.


Advice on infectious diseases and vaccinations.

Healthy homes

Improving housing conditions.

Falls prevention

Help with fall prevention

One you

Take our One You health quiz, ‘How Are You’, to get personalised recommendations to a healthier you. Check out your score and see what tools and offers One You suggests to help you change.

Health and wellbeing services