By reusing materials, we can:

  • protect the environment
  • save money
  • support local communities
  • prevent unnecessary waste

Reuse means using, upcycling or repurposing an item.

It is different to recycling, which means breaking down used items to make raw materials for manufacturing.

We support the reuse of lots of pre-loved household items through our 'reuse360' shops, reuse hub and other reuse projects.

Reuse shops

Reuse shops sell pre-loved household items at prices people can afford.

Reuse household items

There are lots of ways you can reuse more of your unwanted household items and find quality, nearly new items in Lancashire.

Bike reuse and recycling

You can take broken, damaged or unwanted bikes to your local recycling centre.

Reuse Hub and community projects

The Reuse Hub is a project that takes donated reusable furniture and household items and gives them to families and individuals in the area who need them.