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Residents Parking Schemes are introduced in areas where there is a problem with non-residents parking on residential streets and this situation is so acute that homeowners have problems parking their vehicle within a reasonable proximity to their properties. Such schemes limit parking to residents and their visitors by the use of a permit (either physical or digital).

The Lancashire County Council Residents Parking Scheme policy has been introduced to provide a consistent and considered approach to requests for new schemes.   There will be a limited budget for such work and therefore we need to ensure that the work is completed efficiently and measured against the criteria.

It is important to note that any proposed scheme which fails to meet the minimum criteria will not be taken forward.

Essential criteria

The minimum essential qualifying criteria for a Residential Parking Bay scheme to be considered, is as follows:

  1. Within the area to be included in the scheme, not more than 50% should have off street parking or the potential to form off street parking within the curtilage of the property.
    • Within the area to be included in the scheme, not more than 50% of the properties should have off street parking or the potential to form off street parking within the curtilage of the property.
    • Public parking areas or shared parking areas that are not part of the adopted highway will be regarded as available off-street parking if they are accessible to those residents, whether for free or at a cost.
    • Remote garage parking within a 200m distance of the residential property will also be regarded as off-street parking.
  2. The number of addresses in the proposal needs to number more than 20.
    • Schemes will not normally be considered for less than 20 address points as defined by the electoral register. Houses of multiple occupancy will be treated as one address point. Houses that have been divided to flats will be treated as individual address points for each flat only if they are recognised as the same for council tax purposes.
    • Any new scheme will define the address points when it is set up. Should additional address points be added after the scheme is competed, either by new builds or by dividing existing houses to flats these will not be automatically eligible for the scheme.
  3.  Is there sufficient available parking to implement a workable scheme?
    The amount of parking spaces available will be determined by the number of full 6m sections can be fit into any length of road minus areas where parking restrictions need to be placed and still allowing two-way traffic flow.
    • A Residential Parking scheme will not be considered unless there is essentially sufficient parking available to make the scheme viable. A scheme usually will not involve the formation of parking spaces to provide for a residents' permit parking scheme either by formation of additional parking bays or the removal of existing no waiting at any time restrictions.
  4. Is there significant, evidenced support for the implementation of the scheme?
    • Evidence is provided that there is a likelihood that more than half of the address points to be included in the proposed scheme support the promotion of a residents parking scheme.
    • The households need to be aware that the scheme does not guarantee a parking space and that there will be a fee payable, per permit, should the scheme be introduced.

All of the essential minimum criteria will need to be met / evidenced before a scheme is allowed to move onto the next stage. In order to provide this evidence, you may wish to carry out and submit an initial survey.

Parking places

A residents parking scheme will restrict the number of people parking in a given area either over a restricted period of time or all of the time.  People will only be able to park in the area over the period of operation and whilst displaying a valid parking permit for that area.

The residents parking scheme / purchasing a residents parking permit will not reserve exclusivity to the parking space outside your property nor will it guarantee you a parking space within the residents parking scheme permit area.  It will however, due to the need to display a permit, restrict the vehicles allowed to park and therefore should improve the possibility of finding parking spaces within the authorised area.

Parking permits

Parking permits will be available to purchase by residents of the listed properties within the scheme.  The number of permits available to purchase by each address point will depend on the individual scheme.  Parking permits will cost £25 for 12 months from the date of purchase.  Should the property owner change their vehicle then a new permit will be required at a cost of £25 for a 12 month period.

Types of permit

Within a residents parking scheme there are two different types of permit.  Permits that are allotted to a specific vehicle registration (often referred to as Residents Permits) and permits that can be used by any vehicle (often referred to as a Visitors Permit). 

Identifiable cause of the parking difficulty

In many cases residents parking schemes are requested because there is insufficient parking in the area. A new Residents Parking Scheme will only be considered where there is one or more identified external factor which significantly impacts on the availability of on street parking in the relevant area. External factors that could be considered include, but are not limited to, the proximity of the residential streets to hospitals, railway stations, town/city centres, sports facilities and/or leisure facilities.

Other factors will be considered only if evidence can be provided.

Additional information

Residents parking schemes are introduced by Traffic regulation orders, a requirement of which is that there is a need for the restriction.  It is therefore important to have evidenced support from those directly and indirectly effected by the introduction of the scheme, as noted in the key criteria.

For the council to consider a scheme it is required that an informed consultation survey is undertaken by the applicant or supporting parties, to indicate that there is a majority in support of the measures.  Example of the Initial Consultation Survey.

A nominal plan can be requested for each application for the recommended scope of the consultation area.

Scheme progression

If schemes meet the minimum requirements as set out above they will be considered against the other successful schemes, taking into account the resources available, the practical implications of introduction and the assessed level of need for the scheme. A list of schemes that will be taken forward to formal consultation will be drawn up annually.

This criteria will ensure that the schemes that are assessed by Traffic Engineers and progressed are the ones that are most likely to succeed and in the area where the problems have the greatest impact on the local community.

This officer will look to spend a very limited budget to provide resident parking schemes in the most needy situations. These schemes will need to be of sufficient size and address a need that is influenced by an outside pressure. We will add your request to this list.

If the minimum essential criteria has been evidenced and met then the viability of the scheme will be ranked on a need assessment and financial costs

  • Starting at the top, as many schemes as possible with the funding available are introduced that year
  • Unsuccessful schemes are kept on file for consideration the next year.
  • Schemes that do not pass the legal process are archived

Basic criteria to be evidenced prior to consideration for a residents parking scheme

  1. No more than 50% of properties have available off-street parking.
  2. The scheme will serve more than 20 address points.
  3. Sufficient Parking is available for a scheme to be established.
  4. There is an identifiable cause of the parking difficulty.
  5. The impact of the problem fills more than 50% of the available parking.
  6. The scheme is supported by the County Councillors, District Councillors and Traffic Engineers
  7. The Scheme will have the support of more than 50% of the eligible properties.
  8. Funds will be available to support the introduction of the scheme.
  9. Schemes are prioritised by need and according to funds available.

Any additional information can be requested at

Initial survey

It is essential that all affected parties responding to the initial consultation / expression of interest survey for Residents Parking are made aware of the implications of such a scheme and are also made aware of the reason why it is being requested.

In order to ensure all respondents are fully aware of the implications and benefits of such a scheme it is important that the contents of the attached guidance leaflet (PDF 351 KB) are provided to all signatories making representation regarding the application for the scheme. 

To increase the possibility of any scheme meeting both the legal and democratic processes it is necessary to establish whether there is significant, evidenced support for the implementation of a scheme. As a key applicant for a scheme you will need to carry out and supply an informed consultation survey, to indicate that there is a majority in support on the measures before any further investigations are carried out.

Also attached is an example of the recommended consultation survey / expression of interest form (PDF 292 KB) which we suggest is used for the survey.

Once completed survey forms are received please collate and return to or alternatively please return to Residents Parking Engineer, Lancashire County Council – Highways and Transportation, Cuerden Offices, Cuerden Way, Bamber Bridge, Preston, Lancashire, PR5 6BS.

We would also advise that all the residents who will be impacted by displaced parking are also consulted.

Please contact if you require any further clarification.

Whilst we appreciate your concerns regarding parking, you do not have an automatic right to park on the road/carriageway in front of or in the immediate vicinity of your property. All vehicles, which are legally entitled to be on the highway, can park at any location they choose as long as this complies with rules in the Highway Code and does not represent an obstruction, contravention of a restriction or hazard to other road users in which case this is a matter for the Police.

We would also advise that the residents parking scheme / purchasing a residents parking permit will not reserve exclusivity to the parking space outside your property nor will it guarantee you a parking space within the residents parking scheme permit area.

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