Review of Preston permit schemes

Eligible properties have recently been reviewed in Preston.  Changes will be coming into effect early 2024: Council decision

New schemes and amendments to resident parking schemes

If you would like any amendments to a resident parking scheme or would like a new scheme on your street to be considered please email Parking services staff are unable to assist which such queries.

Motorhomes Enforcement and Permits 10 June 2020

following a review of the situation regarding motorhomes enforcement and eligibility for permits, it has been decided that motorhomes are allowed to apply for a permit and use the permit bays to park, however, the existing length and weight conditions (i.e. not more than 3.5 tonnes laden or 1525kg unladen and less than 6m in length) will remain and will still apply to these vehicles.  If your motorhome fits within the above criteria you may apply for a permit or continue using your existing permit.  It is the applicants responsibility to ensure that the height and weight criteria is met.

Changes to pricing and allocation of parking permits 7 October 2019

All existing permits remain valid

All free electric vehicle requests must be applied for via the post using the application form (DOCX PDF)

Change of vehicle and replacement permits

Replacement permits and permits required as a result of a change in vehicle ownership will require an application for a new permit. The full permit charge will apply but the new permit will be valid for a further 12 months.

St Mark's area

Please note – if you are a permit holder in the St Mark's area of Preston you will be unable to apply for a permit at this moment in time however your current permit will remain valid until you are contacted by the council.

Balfour Road area (QR1) 

Additionally, if you live in the Balfour Road area (QR1) please do not apply for a permit, the scheme is currently not enforceable and as such a permit is not required until you are contacted by the council.