Changes to pricing and allocation of parking permits 7th October 2019

All existing permits remain valid

All free electric vehicle requests must be applied for via the post using the application form (DOCX PDF)

Change of vehicle and replacement permits

Replacement permits and permits required as a result of a change in vehicle ownership will require an application for a new permit. The full permit charge will apply but the new permit will be valid for a further 12 months.

St Mark's area

Please note – if you are a permit holder in the St Mark's area of Preston you will be unable to apply for a permit at this moment in time however your current permit will remain valid until you are contacted by the council.

Balfour Road area (QR1) 

Additionally, if you live in the Balfour Road area (QR1) please do not apply for a permit, the scheme is currently not enforceable and as such a permit is not required until you are contacted by the council.