Parking bay suspension

A parking bay suspension request may be made for times when a specific parking bay or parking bays are required for a particular activity to be carried out, where it would not be possible without full access to the bay or from any other position or parking place.

Suspensions will not be granted if it appears the suspension is being requested for convenience rather than necessity.

The standard cost for suspending a parking bay is £27.00 per 6 metres per day.  

The bay suspension cannot be put in operation until the form and payment have been received. Once the bay suspension signs are in situ it is still possible vehicles park in the area in question, but our officers will carry out their normal enforcement if in the area and will not be able to respond to ad-hoq requests.

Please note: an 8 working days' notice is required to process the suspension request with payment.  We will not be able to process requests where sufficient notice has not been given, or payment has not been received. A refund cannot be given if the works end earlier than expected.

All parking bay suspension requests are considered at the discretion of Lancashire County Council. No liability is accepted for any financial loss (whether direct or consequential) that may arise as a result of accepting an application.

If you want to extend a suspension you must submit a new application making reference to your existing suspension.

Suspension requests for all areas should be submitted via our permit website. This will speed up the process and enable us to process your request more effectively.  You will need to download and fill in the application form and attach in the online application.

Parking bay suspension application form (DOCX 63 KB)


At least 8 working days' notice required

  1. Press apply for your permit online
  2. Press Register
  3. Fill in your details and press register
  4. Once registered click on the link in your email to confirm account. If you do not receive an email, check your spam or junk folders
  5. Log into permit system with username and password
  6. Complete registration by selecting Business from customer type, and fill in name, address and contact details, and press submit
  7. From the Permit Applications Available section click apply next to the required Bay Suspension
  8. Read and accept terms and conditions, click Next
  9. Enter location details, click Next          
  10. Select start date and duration, Click Next
  11. Attach the application form, maps etc can be included but this must be in 1 document, click Next
  12. Provide additional information if required, Press Next
  13. Enter Purpose of Dispensation and click Next
  14. Enter Number or name of property working on details, click Next
  15. Press pay now

Postal applications please complete the application form (DOCX 63 KB) and send to the address in the application form with the correct payment. Form and payment to be received no later than 14 days from the date of commencement of works.

Your bay suspension will not be active until such time as the council have approved it and payment in full is made. We require eight full working days advance notice if applying online and 14 working days for a postal application.

To discuss any issues or for enquiries only please telephone 0300 123 6713. Bay Suspensions will not be granted over the telephone.

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