Early years representation for early education funding

Lancashire Schools Forum

The Lancashire Schools Forum is a statutory body made up of representatives of head teachers and governing bodies of Lancashire schools and representatives of other relevant ‘non-schools’ organisations within Lancashire.

The forum advises the county council on matters relating to school funding and has certain decision making powers.

Funding and the Schools Forum

The Schools Forum debates, advises and in some cases approves:

  • the funding for early education provision
  • the Single Funding Formula
  • changes in the operational and contractual aspects of early education funding

This is informed by the Early Years Consultative Group and the Early Years Block Working Group.

Early years representation

There are currently three elected members for the private, voluntary and independent sectors of early years. 

  • Philippa Perks, the University of Cumbria Pre-School
  • Sharon Fenton, Rising Stars Nursery
  • Sarah McGladrigan, Cliff House Nursery

Minutes and agendas

You can view all Schools Forum minutes and agendas on the Schools Forum section.


To access your representative for Schools Forum related issues and feedback contact schoolforumrepey@lancashire.gov.uk