Strategy for an ageing population handbook


We have developed the Strategy for an Ageing Population (PDF 865KB) to help all sectors in Lancashire plan for today's older people, improve their quality of their lives and develop longer-term plans for tomorrow's older people.

This handbook is an important part of that strategy. It can be used as a freestanding document or as a resource for further understanding the main strategy document.

Why a strategy for an ageing population?

National and local data forecasts suggest that the balance of population will change dramatically over the next 20 years, with more older people and fewer young people. Also, as Lancashire is a very diverse county, the balance between old and young people will be different in each area.

Today’s and tomorrow’s older people will be different and cannot be stereotyped based on welfare needs as they have in the past. The 50+ generation is the most diverse the world has ever seen, and by the year 2020 there will be more people aged 50 or over in the world than under 14. Closer to home, the 2001 census found that over 60s outnumbered children aged under 16 for the first time in history.

In the strategy we discuss the opportunities these changes will bring. The 50+ generation is in broad terms a major pool of talent, skill and ability which we cannot afford to lose.

This generation breaks the mould. It currently controls 80% of the UK's wealth, 60% of its savings and 40% of its disposable income. Of course, not all older people are comfortably off. There are those who are vulnerable; suffering health problems, unemployment and exclusion in all its forms.

The strategy has five key outcomes.

  1. Older people should be financially secure to maintain their quality of life and wellbeing.
  2. Older people should have access to mainstream services.
  3. Older people should be healthy and well.
  4. Older people should feel safe and supported.
  5. Older people should have the opportunity to make a positive contribution.

We developed these broad outcomes by consulting older people. They therefore reflect the expectations of those people.

The strategy also includes several aims and objectives that offer a more refined set of Strategy for an Ageing Population Handbook targets. It sets out an involvement and consultation process that will provide a real opportunity for older people to have their voices heard. And it describes how we will deliver its actions.

Chapter 5 of the strategy includes sections dedicated to each district and city council in Lancashire. These sections provide very detailed information and links to district and city council activities and services.

Section 1 Using this strategy handbook (PDF 88KB)
Section 2 National and local policies (PDF 268KB)
Section 3 Outcome framework and delivering the strategy (PDF 232KB)
Section 4 Nothing about us without us the voice of older people (PDF 107KB)
Section 5 Planning for an ageing population in your district (PDF 87KB)
Section 6 Tools, glossary, appendices and contact information (PDF 1,141KB)


Strategy for an ageing population Lancashire research (PDF 1,270KB)