Six of the Best

If you don't have time to browse or fancy a recommendation from the library staff you can request a selection of books to collect quickly at the library. 

  • Complete the form with details of the type of books you like to read.
  • Select up to six books.
  • We'll select books from our shelves at your chosen library.
  • We'll contact you when the books are ready.
  • Collect them from the library.
  • There is no charge for this service.

Order your Six of the Best collection now

If you want to request a specific title you can login to your account and place a reservation. Charges will be re-introduced for the reservation service.

Here's what some of our readers have said about this new service.

"Terrific Six of the Best! Never going to choose my own book again."

"Six of the Best - wonderful! what a great idea."

 Garstang borrowers

"I really enjoyed my Lucky Dip Six of the Best - I'd never have thought of reading that kind of book before."

 Clitheroe borrower

"I've discovered new authors that I absolutely love. I always find browsing for books quite tricky and overwhelming. This selection of books you found for me has reignited my love for reading."

 Bolton-le-Sands borrower

"Thank you so much for choosing these books for me. The subjects and authors are exactly what I might have gone for myself and I don't recall reading any of them before."

 Haslingden borrower