The Lancashire Environment Record Network (LERN) is a collection, storage and access hub for environmental data in the county.

The network's existence is working with Lancashire's environment in a number of ways:

  • Recording species - monitoring wildlife populations, areas of plantlife and geological sites ensures they remain thriving parts of the county's rich biodiversity.
  • Identifying areas of concern if species are threatened or declining and seeking ways to rectify these problems
  • Sharing records with bodies and individuals who are working with environmental concerns
  • Helping to prepare development plans for the county, which will ensure Lancashire's rich biodiversity is protected in the future
  • Regulating development – our information can be used to ensure that development proposals take account of known features of environmental importance.
  • Interesting new recorders - young and old - to get involved in monitoring the environment of the county
  • Speaking to local groups to encourage recording and engage people in record collection and sharing their pictures of wildlife
  • Working with naturalist groups in the county
  • Working together with record centres in the region and nationally to help protect the environmental heritage of the whole country